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29% of All Cardano Blocks Now Produced By Vasil-friendly Nodes As Hard Fork Approaches Near


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Cardano Nodes Continue Updating In Support Of The Upcoming Vasil Upgrade.

Nodes on the Cardano network are installing updates ahead of the planned Vasil upgrade later this year.

For some time now, Cardano has been preparing to deploy its latest network upgrade, dubbed the Vasil upgrade. The Vasil upgrade is expected to bring DeFi, NFT, and more dApp support to the Cardano network. Plans to get the upgrade deployed before the end of 2022 are still in play despite some delays experienced as a result of a critical bug discovered in the testnet. Developers have since fixed the bug and issued a call for nodes to update their systems to connect to the new testnet.

The bug was exposed by one of Cardano’s developers, Adam Dean. Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson has since clarified that there’s no conflict of interest among the developer team in regard to Vasil deployment.

30% Of Nodes Have Already been Updated

According to data from the Cardano explorer, very close to 30% of the nodes on the network have already updated their software to reflect the changes in the fixed testnet. Almost 30% of the blocks produced in the network over the last two days have been handled by the newly updated nodes. From the look of it, it appears that the updated nodes have the upper hand over those not updated yet.

In the last two days, 29% of all new blocks on the Cardano network have been produced by Vasil-friendly nodes. The hard fork can be triggered when 75% is reached.

Vasil friendly nodes
Vasil friendly nodes

Vasil Upgrade Is Near

While developer Adam Dean is responsible for exposing the critical bug found in the previous Cardano testnet, he’s now the voice of trust in the community, saying that the deployment of the Vasil upgrade is very near after the said bug was fixed.

Cardano has been working hard to expand its reach across the world. The entity has also scored some major wins, especially where the listing of ADA on major exchanges is involved.

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