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Polygon To Build A Decentralized Version Of Gaming Platform Steam


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Polygon partners with GameSwift to bring the gaming world to the blockchain.


At the onset of 2020, gaming took a whole new dimension. Web3 gaming projects started coming up. Gaming went blockchain. Now, Polygon is trying a hand in the gaming world in partnership with GameSwift.


Polygon has been on a path of exponential growth of late. Besides the current deal with GameSwift, the network has launched other gaming-related platforms like Intella X. The network’s entrance into the gaming world is a clear attempt to create a gaming platform similar to Steam, which is a platform for creating, playing, and holding discussions about digital games. It currently hosts close to 30,000 games and boasts a 100 million strong fanbase.

Taking Gaming From Web2 To Web3

The partnership between Polygon (formerly MATIC) and GameSwift (formerly StarTerra) is aimed at introducing a mechanism to advance web2 games into the web3 sphere. Web3 gaming systems are the current buzz in the gaming world and are attracting a lot of attention both from old and new gamers who want to experience the advanced web3 gaming environment.

GameSwift aims to capitalize on its partnership with Polygon to come up with web3 gaming solutions by using Polygon’s supernets to create a new chain for that purpose.

What Polygon Brings To The Gaming World

The debut of Polygon in the gaming world has introduced the capabilities of the Polygon Edge technology that assures higher throughput and very low transaction fees for users. Speaking about the new development, GameSwift CEO Wojciech Gruszka said,

“Choosing Polygon for GameSwift also means low transaction costs, ease of implementation compared to other available technologies, and access to the disruptive technological solutions offered by Polygon.”

Polygon is also funding the development of new games in partnership with GameSwift. The network has already pledged a financial grant for that purpose. With the partnership, the GameSwift ecosystem will have added features like the GameSwift portal, studios, ID, Analytics, Extension, SDK, Launcher, and a Bridge to other networks.

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