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Here’s Why You Need To Add These Three Altcoins To Your Portfolio – Uniswap, Aave and HypaSwap Token

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Since the bear market began in the summer after crypto markets crashed alongside the global financial market, the situation within the cryptocurrency industry continues to worsen. The industry was already experiencing a rough period before the crypto crash, and unexpectedly, things have gone from bad to terrible. The recent wave of staff layoffs from prominent crypto platforms such as Coinbase, BlockFi and Gemini further enforces this.

The bear market, however, provides a unique opportunity for crypto investors willing to take the risk. The low prices of crypto mean that investors can make bulk purchases and long-term investments on suitable altcoins, sure to fetch a massive return on investments (ROI) in the long run. With that in mind, these three altcoins – Uniswap (UNI), Aave (AAVE) and HypaSwap Token (HYPA) are absolute must-haves in the ongoing bear market. Here’s why.

Uniswap – The Decentralized Protocol

The recent mainstream attention on decentralized finance (DeFi) has inspired the rise of various De-Fi platforms within the industry, all of which address one issue or the other. Uniswap (UNI) is one of the most prominent De-Fi platforms in the burgeoning new sector and is reputable for facilitating the automated trading of De-Fi coins and other crypto categories. Uniswap is a prime example of an Automated Market Maker (AMM), an ideal environment that seeks to keep token trading automated and entirely open for anyone who holds tokens while improving the efficiency of trading compared to traditional exchanges.

Furthermore, Uniswap is notable for creating more efficiency in an industry otherwise lacking in that area. It does so by solving liquidity issues with automated solutions, thus avoiding the problems which earlier decentralized exchanges (DEXs) encountered. Uniswap’s native cryptocurrency, UNI, plays a vital role in its operation and ecosystem.

UNI facilitates several activities on Uniswap, such as fees, payments and network governance. UNI holders maintain the right to participate in Uniswap’s management and possess voting rights. As a prominent De-Fi coin in the cryptocurrency industry and an Ethereum based ERC-20 token, UNI is available on several top crypto platforms, including Binance, Coinbase Pro and Huobi.

Aave – The Lending And Borrowing Network

Another prominent member in the De-Fi space is Aave (AAVE), a decentralized finance protocol that allows people to lend and borrow crypto. Coming into prominence in September 2018, Aave is notable within the cryptocurrency industry for various reasons, such as the introduction of flash loans. Flash loans are the first uncollateralized loan option in the De-Fi space and the flagship product of Aave.

The AAVE token is the native cryptocurrency of Aave and an essential feature in its ecosystem. AAVE facilitates various activities on Aave, such as transaction fees and network governance. The token is available on several top crypto platforms within the industry, such as  CoinDCX, Binance, CoinBene and OKEx.

HypaSwap Token – The Newcomer To Crypto

HypaSwap Token (HYPA) is the upcoming DeFi coin native to HypaSwap. HypaSwap Token (HYPA) is an important cog in the HypaSwap machine, responsible for facilitating various activities on HypaSwap, such as interest rates, penalties, staking and incentives, liquidity pool acquisition, network governance and more.

HypaSwap is a decentralized economic hotspot, featuring lending and borrowing as its key goods. HypaSwap has implemented a number of safeguards to assure fair play and smooth transactions, including collateralization, liquidity pool condition, and external penetrations.

HypaSwap Token goes on presale in the coming weeks, giving investors the perfect opportunity to purchase it early. Its presale stage will include various rewards and incentives, such as a 45% token bonus for registering and buying the token within 30 minutes.

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