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GBR COIN (GBR) Already Set For Upcoming ICO at the End of September


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GBR COIN, a real estate payment gateway and self-regulated decentralized finance (DeFi) platform promising to become one of the fastest and most secure portals in cryptocurrency, has already laid all the groundwork for its upcoming ICO slated for the last week of September.

The stars have aligned for the GBR COIN project, as its team was able to accelerate the launch of its ICO, initially scheduled for the fourth quarter of this year.  After working tirelessly to ensure that the platform and its native token, GBR, are ready, the team considers this a huge achievement and is ecstatic to get the ball rolling with this token sale.

Notably, the ICO will be launched on the Polygon blockchain and will be open to any interested holder that does not wish to miss out on the opportunity to invest in the promising and ever-growing GBR ecosystem. According to GBR COIN, the team will announce a specific date for the ICO via the project’s social media channels.

Early investors in the GBR ecosystem can expect full access to the project’s offerings. Looking to be a game changer within the real estate, oil, and gas industries, GBR is a solution that has lowered the barrier for anyone looking to be involved in digital assets and the future of payments. GBR, through blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFTs, aims to become the de facto payments gateway for these industries, addressing recurring issues that have plagued these core sectors.

Moreover, investors will benefit from the service’s reliability, security, and affordability. Also, the ecosystem is community-centric, giving great power and utility to the holders of the GBR token.

In the coming years, the platform will expand to other popular Web3 protocols and technologies such as staking, NFT marketplace, governance (DAO), and a metaverse. Through the ecosystem’s native token, GBR, platform users will be able to access these exciting features. The community should also look out for features that include virtual real estate, GBR COIN virtual land, and virtual games.

Following a successful token sale, the team immediately work on listing GBR on global cryptocurrency exchanges.

For more updates on GBR COIN, visit or follow the company’s channels: Website, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram, and Instagram.


GBR COIN is a cutting-edge blockchain project built on the Polygon blockchain. The GBR team developed the project to make it completely community-driven and take the entire cryptocurrency space to the next level. GBR aims to create an all-encompassing service in which users can access a suite of cryptocurrency and blockchain facilities in a single ecosystem.

The GBR platform looks to become the de facto payment gateway for the real estate, gas, and oil industries by utilizing distributed ledger technology and blockchain-based transfer applications such as NFTs and digital currencies.

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