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Anonymous Third Party Seeks Changes to Ripple’s Summary Judgment Motion to Protect Its Employees’ Privacy Interest


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The anonymous third party wants to protect the privacy interests of its employees.

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In a bid to protect the privacy interests of its employees, an unidentified third party has requested limited redactions to Ripple’s summary judgment motion filed two days ago.

“We write on behalf of Third Party A, to propose a limited number of targeted redactions to the defendant’s memorandum of law in support of their motion for summary judgment,” the unidentified third party stated in a motion filed yesterday.

Previous Filing of the Unidentified Third party

According to the letter, the anonymous company had made a similar request previously to redact the name of its employees from the exhibits filed in connection with the parties’ Daubert motion. 

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The unidentified third party stated at the time that the reason for the request was to protect the privacy interest of all company current and former employees. 

“The [summary judgment] motion, like the Daubert motions, references the names of certain Third-Party A employees. Accordingly, for the reasons articulated in our July 28 letter, we request redaction of the references to Third Party A employees in connection with the [summary judgment] motion,” the unidentified third party said. 

Notably, the party also added a copy of the proposed redaction under seal. 

TheCryptoBasic reported in July that the third party proposed to make limited redactions to the defendants’ Daubert motion and redact the names of its employees. 

The anonymous third party asserted that disclosing the names of its employees would jeopardize their privacy interests. However, the unidentified party did not seek to remain entirely anonymous. 

It only wants its identity to be “redacted in instances where the identity of other similarly-situated third parties are being redacted in the same or adjacent paragraphs,” the party stated in its July letter. 

Parties to Confer Today to Identify Redactions to Summary Judgment Motion

As reported, both Ripple and the SEC filed summary judgment motions under seal on September 13, 2022. The parties are expected to meet and confer today to identify the necessary redactions before the motions are publicly filed on September 19, 2022.

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