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Ripple vs. SEC: U.S. Defense Lawyer Says SEC Indirectly Threatened Attorney John Deaton in New Letter 


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The SEC has responded to the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s request to join the Ripple lawsuit.

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The Securities and Exchange Commission has written a new letter concerning the Chamber of Digital Commerce’s motion to file an amicus brief in the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit.

In a letter today addressed to Judge Analisa Torres, the Securities and Exchange Commission said it does not hold any position on the Chamber’s request to participate in the lawsuit.

However, the securities regulators request that it is allowed to file a response to the Chamber’s amicus brief if the court grants the organization’s motion, alongside its objection to Ripple’s summary judgment motion.  

“The SEC takes no position on the motion but respectfully requests that, in the event that the motion is granted, the SEC be able to respond to the motion as part of its brief in opposition to the defendant’s motion for summary judgment on October 18, 2022,” an excerpt of the letter reads. 

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Additionally, the SEC said it might be prompted to request more time and extra pages for its October 18, 2022, opposition brief if the court allows more amicus curiae briefs to be filed. 

“The SEC may seek further relief from the court (including additional time for its response and/or additional pages for its October 18 opposition brief) in the event additional amicus curiae briefs are allowed,” the agency concluded. 

Meanwhile, U.S. defense lawyer attorney James K. Filan noted that the last line is a threat aimed at attorney John Deaton, who was also conferred with Amicus’ status earlier in brief. 

“That last line is clearly a threat directed at John Deaton.”

Chamber of Digital Commerce Declares Interest in the Ripple Lawsuit

Recall that earlier this month; the Ripple community was excited after it became public that the Chamber of Digital Commerce, the world’s leading blockchain trade organization, would be joining the lawsuit.

The Chamber officially filed its amicus brief, including a motion and memorandum of law, as well as a declaration from the company’s amicus attorney, Lilya Tessler.

According to the world’s leading blockchain organization, its main focus in the suit is to ensure that the legal framework that determines an investment contract is clear.

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