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Attorney Deaton: Ripple CEO “Said Something XRP Holders Don’t Want to Hear” Regarding Lawsuit

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What Brad Garlinghouse can possibly say that XRP holders do not like?

Deaton believes XRP holders do not want to hear Ripple CEO’s Brad Garlinghouse prediction on when the lawsuit will make the final decision.

In a recent interview, Brad Garlinghouse gave a timeframe on when the lawsuit between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission will likely come to an end. The Ripple CEO said Judge Analisa Torres might rule on the final outcome of the lawsuit within 2-9 months. Garlinghouse is suggesting that there is a likelihood that the lawsuit may likely end by June 2023.

Attorney Deaton’s Reaction to Garlinghouse’s Prediction

Reacting to Garlinghouse’s comment, attorney John Deaton, the lawyer representing over 72,000 XRP holders in a class action against the SEC, says the Ripple CEO may have angered XRP investors with his statements. 

“Brad said something XRP Holders don’t want to hear. He said a decision from the judge could be anywhere between 2-9 months,” Deaton said. 

Deaton added that Garlinghouse may have gotten the information from his lawyers, who currently represent him in the lawsuit. However, Deaton does not believe a lawsuit of this magnitude could end in just two months.

“[Garlinghouse] clearly has asked his lawyers. No way it only takes two months,” he added.

According to Deaton, the earliest date for the final verdict on the Ripple vs. SEC lawsuit will be by the end of March 2023. It is noteworthy that March 2023 corresponds with a similar prediction made by former U.S. defense lawyer James K. Filan.


“Furthermore, Deaton said there is a possibility that the lawsuit could end between late April. The earliest would be the end of March. I think it could take until late April / early May.2023 and early May 2023,” Deaton concluded.

XRP holders may have been unhappy with Ripple’s CEO over his predictions because they eagerly anticipate the lawsuit to end soon to stabilize the price of the cryptocurrency and possibly get it back on track. Still, the court will proceed according to laws and will take its time.

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