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Solving The Communication Challenge For Web3 Projects

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Shant Kevonian, CEO and Co-founder of EtherMail 

The idea to launch EtherMail had been simmering in my head for quite some time, but I never really vocalised it. Across the spectrum of telegram and discord groups, I could see the quality of communication decreasing dramatically as communities grew in size. Then a collection of passive user profiles bear witness to a recurring peppering of ‘When moon’, or ‘When next release’ messages. In the web3 era, community relations should be better than this, no?

But we don’t need to reinvent the wheel to improve the situation. There is a very viable, robust communication architecture ready to be deployed in the web3 arena. Email has proven to be the most widely used and resilient decentralized application since the birth of the internet, and has a proven track record as a web2 communication vehicle. Users are quite reactive to inbounds, and email boasts strong open rates, while also allows for personalisation. Bottom line, it checks all the boxes and serves as an application that users are familiar with, meaning they don’t have to dedicate time to learning a whole new user system.

EtherMail aims to disrupt the dynamics of email communication for the common good, while facilitating full anonymity and fair compensation for users for their time and attention spent on reading inbound messages. The EtherMail value proposition aligns with evolving market trends, and the pertinent needs of Web3 users and industry players. We are hyper-focused on safeguarding user privacy with end-to-end encryption, and view the Web3 era as an opportunity to re-calibrate the email inbox power equation to be completely privacy-centric. 

We have created the only tool in the Web3 space that allows Web3 companies to send rich, relevant content directly to their asset holders based on blockchain-synced real-time information. In other words, we are providing crypto and NFT projects with a direct, secure line of communication to owners of their assets. 

Imagine an NFT project that grants holders access to a particular restaurant, for argument’s sake. If 10,000 NFTs are minted, that means 10,000 NFT holders can access the restaurant. Of course, NFTs are often changing hands left and right. Imagine the restaurant owner wants to communicate a new menu, or new location to the community. Ultimately if they want someone to book, it has to be someone who currently holds a NFT. You need a way to differentiate communication between current holders and everyone else. This is precisely the type of targeted, relevant communication that we’re spearheading. Importantly, companies don’t have to worry about updating their list, as the EtherMail solution enables self-updating mailing lists for community newsletter distribution based on real-time, blockchain-synced data.

Our solution also helps companies proactively mitigate the risk of communication fraud by preemptively informing users of breaches and vulnerabilities. Because you can get in touch with active holders, you can communicate situations quickly. Imagine there has been a hack, and active holders are potentially at risk of getting phished if they sign a certain smart contract. You can directly reach out to holders that are most at risk in the attack vector, instead of hoping they happen to see a Telegram or Twitter message alerting them to the issue. In this case, a company can feel more assured that they did everything in their capacity to get in touch with active holders.

Included in our future pipeline will be the introduction of our native utility token, $EMT, an ERC-20 token based on the Ethereum network. EMT will be a first-of-its-kind incentivization mechanism designed to reward email users for their time and attention reading unsolicited emails, creating a much-needed framework for email economics.

For more information on how EtherMail can help your project maintain a direct and secure line of communication with your asset holders, visit:

Join the official EtherMail Telegram channel here and follow the latest developments on Twitter.

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