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John Deaton Swipes at XRP Critic: “Somebody Has XRP On His Mind 24×7”

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John Deaton, in a recent reply to XRP criticism, touted Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser’s fixation on XRP.

As Ripple’s seemingly incessant legal battle with the SEC lingers, the status of XRP as a security or commodity has come under much deliberation within the crypto community. Amidst this uncertainty, several Bitcoin maximalists and Ethereum proponents have expressed their opinion on the matter, asserting that XRP is a security.

American broadcaster and Bitcoin maximalist Max Keiser (Bitcoin Ambassador #Nayib2024) has especially interested in the subject, seizing every opportunity to poke at Ripple’s native token. Nonetheless, American lawyer John Deaton recently swiped at Keiser, highlighting his obsession with the asset.

Deaton’s remarks on Keiser’s XRP fixation came as a reply to one of his tweets jabbing at the asset.

“This is like Max’s 5th or 6th tweet about #XRP in the last couple of days alone. Somebody has #XRP on his mind 24×7,” Deaton said in a tweet Monday. He further pointed out that despite his direct involvement in the case against the SEC, he does not obsess about XRP as much as Keiser.

“Max, I have to write a Legal brief about XRP within the next couple of weeks and submit it to the Court, but I don’t think about XRP as often as you do,” he added.


Additionally, John Deaton took the opportunity to reiterate his advocacy for an XRPL-powered mobile payment app, SpendTheBits. SpendTheBits is an XRP layer solution looking to increase BTC transaction speed. Deaton argues that SpendTheBits is more efficient at speeding up BTC transactions than the Lightning network.

“I think my Spend_The_Bits tweet teasing Max could constitute cruel and unusual punishment under the 8th Amendment of the US Constitution. Max whatever you do, DO NOT tune on Wednesday when Jay_SpendDBits shows how the XRPL is superior to lightning when it comes to spending your BTC,” Deaton remarked in a separate tweet.

Deaton’s comments were a reply to a tweet from Keiser, asserting that the SEC is right to classify XRP as a security. The 62-year-old filmmaker, quoting a video on XRP’s payment system, argued that the asset runs on a centralized system.

“The SECGov can argue, and they should, this XRP video is an unlawful inducement to sell unregistered securities. Fifteen seconds into it, XRP admits it’s centralized, for one thing. The list of actionable violations is long. #LockThemUpGary,” Keiser said.

While most crypto pundits have indicated support for XRP, noting that a win for Ripple is a win for the broader crypto community, others – especially Bitcoin maximalists and some Ethereum proponents – have thrown the asset under the bus.

As previously reported by The Crypto Basic, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed his animosity towards XRP in a tweet in August. According to Buterin, XRP lost its right to protection from the Ethereum community when Ripple referred to Ethereum as “China-controlled” in a 2020 filing propagated as an argument against the SEC’s claims.

David Gokhshtein, former US Congressional candidate and an avid XRP supporter, recently highlighted that the XRP fanbase would continue to grow despite the backlash.

Meanwhile, the legal tussle between the SEC and Ripple Labs persists, with both parties previously filing Summary Judgement motions. As several proponents hope for a conclusion of the litigation before long, Deaton noted that this might not be the case. According to Deaton, there might not be a settlement in the next few months.

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Albert Brown
Albert Brown
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