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LBank Captures Major Markets in September Amid the Crypto Downturn

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LBank continues to infiltrate major markets through several of its initiatives, partnerships and education campaigns, despite the recent crypto downturn.

Now rated as one of the top 17 crypto trading platforms by market valuation and volume, LBank has strategically placed itself in the league of exchanges spurring adoption through awareness.

LBank announced a partnership with RadioCaca that will give the exchange a virtual headquarters inside USM Metaverse. Additionally, the trading platform gave aid to the families affected by the devastating floods that severely ravaged a few areas of Pakistan.

LBank and its global team participated at Token 2049 as an exhibitor and had the opportunity to meet numerous projects, partners, and media representatives. After the main conference on September 29, LBank successfully sponsored an “LBank & Friends” afterparty with Encryptus and MetaBell.

The exchange unlocked an education-driven campaign in its global markets in September with its teams taking the lead in India Sub Continent, Africa, MENA region, Asia and more.

LBank branded public trains around cities in Turkey to enhance exposure and accessibility for users. This means the Turkish community will now be able to quickly scan QR codes and download LBank’s app.

In Indonesia, LBank conducted educational campaigns targeting the next generation of builders and innovators. The LBank team visited some schools to teach them about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, ensuring that they had a solid grasp of them.

On September 10, 2022, LBank Philippine held what participants dubbed a “Spectacular Cryptonight.” VCs, influencers, web 3.0 builders, well-known individuals and initiatives from the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities, and more were present.

The trading platform unveiled its campus ambassador in Africa named the “LBank Legends” to positively engage students to help them gain a stronger understanding of cryptocurrency and the blockchain.

LBank similarly announced a new collaborative effort with a leading social networking platform called Student Connect Nigeria (SCN) to provide African students with more flexibility when they withdraw their earnings from the Student Connect Nigeria app.

About LBank

LBank is a top cryptocurrency exchange founded in 2015. It provides users with a platform to securely buy, sell, receive and hold Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. With over 7 million users, LBank offers a wide range of payment options and competitive transaction fees, lowering the entry barrier to drive more adoption.

The platform supports more than 800+ trading pairs and 149+ fiat currencies. It offers services around crypto trading, specialised financial derivatives, and professional asset management services. LBank’s robust ecosystem allows users to leverage and build a well-rounded financial portfolio.

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