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Crypto Launchpad Uplift Partners With MoonPay To Enable Web3 Investing With Fiat

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There are a great many people who’d like to get involved in the crypto space. It’s not uncommon that someone who’s new to crypto one day starts reading about an exciting new project in the space that sounds like an absolute game-changer with revolutionary applications. They know the project is new and they want to get involved because it sounds like a golden opportunity, but that’s when the problems occur. 

Investing in crypto can be a tough process if you don’t know what you’re doing. Getting onboarded into the space is tricky, requiring users to setup a crypto wallet and buy some Bitcoin to begin with. Only then, once they have BTC, can they attempt to navigate some obscure decentralized exchange to buy the right digital tokens they need to invest in the specific project they have in mind. It’s a complicated process and there’s no doubt that many would-be investors simply give up on, meaning they miss out on those exciting opportunities. 

This is the dilemma that Uplift DAO is looking to resolve via a new partnership with MoonPay, the payments infrastructure company that provides easy onboarding into the world of crypto. Uplift is what’s known as a “crypto launchpad”, where new projects can obtain funding for their ideas from regular people rather than accredited investors, similar to how a project might raise funds on Kickstarter, for example. 

To invest in Uplift’s projects users are required to purchase LIFT tokens, and that’s where it gets difficult, as they can only be purchased on a select number of cryptocurrency exchanges. Once they have LIFT, only then can they invest in Uplift’s projects. 

MoonPay will therefore make life much easier for budding investors. Instead of trying to obtain LIFT tokens first, they’ll simply be able to buy them using fiat payment methods such as a debit card, credit card, bank transfer, Google Pay or Apple Pay directly from Uplift DAO’s portal. So they get an easy way to purchase LIFT tokens, which can then be used to invest in any of the projects launching on its site. 

It’s a move that promises to pave the way to much wider participation in the Web3 investing space, Uplift DAO says, eliminating much of the complexity that has prevented people from taking part before. 

“Our industry needs capital to continue to evolve,” said Oliver Jeffcott, senior business development manager at MoonPay. “Our partnership with Uplift will make it even simpler for people to get involved in financing projects they believe in and reap the benefits of the growth of web3.”

Uplift said the partnership will enable users to buy and stake over 100 digital assets natively through its platform, giving them the opportunity to invest in dozens of exciting projects it hosts. Even better, Uplift allows investors to begin with as little as $100, meaning they can get started with very small investments first. At the same time, investors also gain peace of mind through Uplift’s unique Price Protection Promise, which provides a money back guarantee in the event that projects launched through its platform fail to meet predefined performance indicators. So in other words, if the project flops, investors can opt to receive a full refund. 

Although it only launched last year, Uplift has already hosted a number of highly successful projects on its platform, including the non-fungible token-based play-to-earn gaming platform NFT4Play, and R3VEAL, which has created a promising digital anti-counterfeiting, copyright protection and cybersecurity technology.

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