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HOSKY Token Leads Top 10 Cardano Projects With The Highest Engagement

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A list of Cardano’s top 10 most engaged projects shows that HOSKY Token leaves all others behind.

Cardano Daily, a media channel that covers Cardano-related developments, has released a list of the most engaged projects on the blockchain in the last seven days. 

The data was compiled by the leading cryptocurrency analytics platform, LunarCrush, and it contains a list of the top 10 Cardano projects that had the most engagement in the past week.

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According to the stats, HOSKY Token is ranked as the top Cardano project with the most engagement. The Cardano-based cryptocurrency project received 6,000 engagements over the past week. HOSKY Token is described by its founders as “a premiere low-quality s#it coin doggo meme coin.” 

HOSKY token has been attracting lots of engagement in the past week. As reported, HOSKY also topped other projects in a similar ranking earlier this month after recording a total engagement score of 8,400. This prompted Cardano Founder, Charles Hoskinson, to comment on the development, saying: Hosky Token seems to be the most engaged project this week.” 


The second Cardano project with the most engagement is the leading decentralized exchange Sundaeswap. The Cardano-based DEX ranked the second-most engaged project, with a total engagement of 4,700. Sundaeswap is popular in the Cardano community because it’s the first decentralized exchange launched on the network.

JPG Store

JPG Store, a leading non-fungible token marketplace on Cardano, ranked as the third-most engaged project on the blockchain. The NFT marketplace got a total engagement of 3,400 over the past seven days.


Another Cardano-based decentralized exchange, MuesliSwap, was listed as the fourth project with the most engagement. Per the rankings, MuesliSwap received 3,300 engagements in the last seven days.

World Mobile 

World Mobile, a leading mobile network built on the Cardano network, is the fifth most engaged project on the blockchain. According to the stats, World Mobile had 2,800 engagements within the timeframe. 

Meanwhile, other Cardano projects that made to the top 10 list include Virtua $TVK (2,500); NFT project Clay Nation (2,400); Mocossi Planet (2,200); SingularityNET (1,200); and Liquid Labs (648).

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Lele Jima
Lele Jima
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