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MOOI Network expands its business scope as an arts and culture blockchain network by partnering with a global film festival


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Dubai, UAE, 21st October, 2022, Chainwire

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MOOI Network, a social blockchain network, comes together and partners with Bucheon International Animation Festival (BIAF2022), the largest global animation festival, to release official, exclusive BIAF NFTs.


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As the MOOI Network is an ecosystem centered around blockchain and culture, featuring specialized NFTs for BIAF, a national film festival in Korea, this will be one of the stepping stones that will garner attraction for the MOOI Network. The plans to put the features into motion by combining both the technical side of blockchain and the exhibition of NFTs for a renowned media festival in Korea will be an event that holds a lot of expectation and anticipation for the MOOI Network.

The NFTs will be launched on JellyMe, MOOI Network’s official NFT marketplace. Users will be able to purchase famous official NFT artworks by using the MOOI token. There will be 17 different types of NFTs created by renowned directors to be launched on the marketplace.

Moreover, BIAF2022 has announced that they will have a particular award category called the “MOOI award” that will be rewarded in the form of MOOI tokens to the winner. This will be marked in history as the first case of rewarding virtual assets as a prize in a film festival.

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NFT marketplace, Jellyme ‘BIAF collection’


 “With the launch of BIAF NFTs, MOOI Network plans to expand its scope to blockchain platforms for cultural contents such as movies and fashion,” a MOOI Network business strategist noted, stating his vision for the NFT market and future direction of MOOI Network.


About MOOI Network

MOOI Network is a blockchain network developed by POST VOYAGER, a subsidiary of cocone, a content company based mainly in Japan. Cocone has more than 20 diverse services ranging from 129 million cumulative users in the avatar social app genre known as Character Coordinating Play (CCP). Currently, it plans to expand existing successful services to Web3 services through the MOOI Network.


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