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Nik Bougalis, Director Of Engineering At Ripple, Says Goodbye To The Firm


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Nik Bougalis is leaving Ripple.

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In a Twitter thread on Friday, Nik Bougalis, Director of Engineering at Ripple and author of the XLS-20 amendment proposal, disclosed that he is leaving the company after a “fantastic” decade-long journey.

“My decade-long journey at @Ripple has been a fantastic (if exhausting and all-consuming) one,” Bougalis wrote. “I got to work on a project that I love, towards a goal I believe in. But that journey will be coming to an end in a few weeks.”

Bougalis, highlighting the difficulty of the decision, asserted that it was in his best interest. Notably, the engineer believes that the XRP Ledger (XRPL) will continue to run without him as it remains under the care of a talented and dedicated team. Furthermore, the engineer disclosed that he would not be joining any other crypto-related project or company.

Members Of The XRPL Team And XRP Community Respond

Unsurprisingly, the announcement from Bougalis has attracted a flurry of emotional responses from members of the XRPL team and the XRP community at large.

Lead XRPL developer Wietse Wind wished Bougalis all the best in his future adventures, attributing a bulk of his growth in the XRPL team to the teaching of Bougalis.

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Meanwhile, Vice President of Strategy and Operations at Ripple, Emi Yoshikawa, touted the engineer as a “bedrock of the XRPL community.” The executive also expressed gratitude for the opportunity to work with him.

Notably, popular community member Chris Thompson jokingly asked if the community could not put the decision to a vote.

It is worth noting that, over the years, Bougalis has made several contributions to the XRPL and is the author of the XLS-20 amendment proposal that is set to usher in NFT nativity to the XRPL.

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