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Former U.S. Congressional Candidate Says He Was ‘Super Close To Getting A Bag of LUNC But Stopped’


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Gokhshtein has fired another shot at the LUNC community.

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David Gokhshtein, a prominent cryptocurrency influencer, former U.S. congressional candidate, and the founder of Gokhshtein Media, has continued to swipe at Terra Classic (LUNC). In a tweet today, Gokhshtein said he has been looking for any LUNC-related update after he saw the Terra Classic token trend on Crypto Twitter.

Gokhshtein, among the major critics of Terra Classic, indirectly implied that he thought the community-driven project had launched a new upgrade to warrant its latest trend. 

“I want to know if the protocols that were working with LUNA will come and build on this community-based project,” he added.

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The former US Congressional candidate said he was tempted at some point to purchase LUNC when he saw the cryptocurrency trending on Twitter. However, he had to stop at the last second.

“I was also super close to getting a bag of LUNC but stopped myself at the last second,” Gokhshtein said.

Not New

His comment does not surprise members of the Terra Classic community, given that Gokhshtein is among the major critics of LUNC. Gokhshtein has frequently campaigned against Terra Classic from its early stages, as he predicted an early demise of the cryptocurrency. Following the decline in LUNC social mentions in recent weeks, Gokhshtein believes his prediction for the cryptocurrency is finally happening.

Yesterday, Gokhshtein fired shots at the LUNC community as the crypto asset’s social mention has dropped significantly lately. 

“LUNC community is a bit quiet now. Working hard quietly behind the scenes, or is it over?” Gokhshtein quizzed the Terra Classic community. However, Terra Rebels quickly responded, saying they are working on something massive for LUNC.

LUNC Investors Pushing Its Growth

It is noteworthy that Terra Classic had an interesting rally in the past weeks, soaring as high as $0.00053 last month. The massive rally came following the widespread promotion LUNC enjoyed from community members, which prompted top cryptocurrency exchanges to announce initiatives to accelerate ongoing burn programs for the asset class. 

As reported, Binance implemented a mechanism that collects and burns all fees from LUNC trading activities. Over the past four weeks, Binance has successfully burnt over 12 billion Terra Classic tokens.

However, the fuss about LUNC seems to be fizzling out lately despite all these positive developments, while Gokhshtein continues to troll the project.

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