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StreamCoin’s STRMNFT Marketplace Introduces Its First Creator Program

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With the proliferation of new ideas in the NFT atmosphere, StreamCoin, a blockchain company with an NFT ecosystem, has now set a stage for digital creators to monetize their work through its new STRMNFT Creator Program.

Launched on STRMNFT, the company’s own NFT marketplace, this program coincides with the celebrations of the upcoming International Artist Day.

NFT fanatics interested in creating new artistic work can make their own collections and monetize them via the Creator Program. The participants must apply to the STRMNFT Creator Program by providing their name, email, collection name, description, total NFTs to be minted, possible utilities for the collection (if any), social media links, and other related information.

The STRMNFT team will review applications once they receive them, and contact the successful applicants directly. As the marketplace recently reached 75,000 registered users and 200,000 social media followers, it promises exclusive benefits for the creators who will join the program.

The benefits may include featuring creators’ collections on STRMNFT’s social media, exclusive interviews, featured collections on the homepage, a chance to get a verification badge, specialized technical support, and more.

Meanwhile, the STRMNFT team remarked that they have opened all their social media channels to answer and clarify any doubts related to the Creator Program. The participants and creators can put forward their queries by sending a direct message with the hashtag #STRMNFTcreator.

The Creator Program is the latest initiative by the STRMNFT team. The program allows artists and other creators to build their own NFT creations by minting and promoting them on the STRMNFT marketplace. Significantly, this new initiative intends to support rising artists and creators in unleashing their creativity and monetizing their art in the NFT space.

With STRMNFT as its core product, StreamCoin has been developing new features and improving the user interface in the marketplace since its launch. Verification badges, two-factor authentication, bulk minting without development tools, and customizable collections are among the top features that have been successfully implemented.

Interested NFT creators can apply to the STRMNFT Creator Program via the platform’s application link before November 30. Creators can also use the hashtag #STRMNFTcreator to reach out to the team on Telegram, Discord, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for more information about the program.

About StreamCoin and STRMNFT Marketplace

 StreamCoin (STRM), as the name depicts, is a blockchain company developing an ecosystem for NFT and live-streaming applications. In short, StreamCoin utilizes its innovative technologies to break the gap between web2 and web3 users.

STRMNFT is the all-in-one NFT marketplace of the StreamCoin ecosystem. The emerging platform allows users to mint and trade their digital art in the form of NFTs. Earlier, the marketplace partnered with TNC Art and revealed three notable NFT collections: Lady Ape Club, Aurora Cat, and Career Shiba Inu.

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