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The Paywall: EtherMail Rewards Email Users For Reading Marketing Inbounds


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Let’s be honest, the attention and time spent by everyday email users sifting through unwanted marketing inbounds in their inbox is extremely undervalued. This free airtime is completely taken for granted by brands, as is the value it generates for third parties. This is why the inbox desperately needs a personalized protective layer to incentivize readers to engage with marketing and newsletter inbounds. In 2022, advertisers and email users should be part of the same mutually-beneficial ecosystem in which both parties know what they’re getting from each other.

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At EtherMail, we want to level the playing field, and facilitate fair compensation for the invasion of the personal inbox. Think about the conveyor belt of promotional offers arriving directly into your email account everyday, most of which you have absolutely no interest in. I’m sure you know that sinking feeling all too well – clicking on a marketing inbound in joyful anticipation of a relevant and worthy promotional offer, but are then aghast to see the irrelevant content that falls well outside your scope of interests. That 5 seconds was a complete waste of my time, wasn’t it? Well, imagine you could recoup some value from those mis-spent 5 seconds. What if you could be rewarded for reading that inbound?

This is the game-changing solution we’re spearheading. It’s called The Paywall.

The EtherMail solution provides a personalized protective layer to incentivize readers, through our Paywall mechanism, which serves as a type of virtual toll configured by a Web3 user for their inbox. Users will have the ability to control their paywall based on a range of custom preferences and define what kind of content they are willing to read in exchange for $EMT, our native utility token which will be launched as part of our future roadmap.

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When companies are reaching out to you, we want to make sure it’s based on your interests, and in the event that an irrelevant inbound falls between the cracks and lands in your inbox, at least you’re being compensated for your time spent reading it. The $EMT token will represent a first-of-its-kind incentivization mechanism to reward email users for their time and energy sifting through unsolicited emails, creating a much-needed framework for email economics. Since companies have to pay to access a user’s inbox, relevant communication is encouraged.

We are also planning on introducing a subscriptions model, enabling opt-in email aggregations in which consent is given to advertisers to target a user’s inbox in exchange for $EMT. An example subscription could include information on a range of variables including a user’s interests, the demographic they fall within, gender, region of residency, or language. Additionally, the amount of $EMT an advertiser is willing to payout per read email on a given subscription can be factored into the equation.

We are very excited to redefine the dynamics of email economics, and create a more user-centric environment that yields tangible benefits for brand and user.

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