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The Terra Classic Community Should Expect A DEX Soon


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TerraCVita member hints at the development of a Terra Classic DEX soon.

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A member of the Terra Classic development group TerraCVita, RexYellerBelly, has hinted at the development of a decentralized exchange (DEX) soon on the Terra Classic network, hinting at this in a tweet yesterday.

“Thank you all for your replies, some great ideas, it seems a Dex, would be pretty popular,” the TerraCVita member wrote. “Let’s get IBC’s activated and see where LUNC goes.”

The statement comes after he had asked the community to suggest decentralized apps (DApps) that they would love to see on the chain. From the comments, a DEX appeared to be overwhelmingly popular.

As highlighted by RexYellerBelly, the Terra Classic chain is on the cusp of re-opening its Inter Blockchain Communication (IBC) channels. Consequently, the chain will once again be able to communicate and transfer tokens with other sovereign blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. However, the process has to go through a community vote first.

Notably, as reported by The Crypto Basic today, popular Cosmos developer Jacob Gadikian disclosed that the code to re-open the Terra Classic IBC channels is ready. Once developers finish testing and the community approves, validators will deploy the code re-opening the IBC channels.

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It is worth noting that re-enabling IBC is a major step towards reintroducing utility to the chain and one of the major milestones toward achieving technological parity with Terra 2.0, allowing for a flurry of DApps development. The result will be a significant boost in on-chain volume, leading to greater burns due to the on-chain tax burn. Consequently, it brings the community one step closer to achieving its goals of revitalizing the chain and cutting down excess Terra Luna Classic (LUNC) supply.

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