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Shiba Inu Burns Almost Billion SHIB in October

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Shiba Inu Community moved out a whopping 881.73 Million SHIB from circulation forever in October. recently reported that Shiba Inu Community made 176 transactions to destroy a massive 881,736,643 (881.73M) SHIB in October.

Two Community-led burn initiatives named “SHIB Super Store” and “1Cent token” contributed significantly to the burn in October.

SHIB Super Store Burned 190.01 Million SHIB:

SHIB Super Store destroyed a staggering 190,016,768 (190.01M) SHIB via organizing five Weekly burn Events in October. On the final day of the month, i.e., October 31st, SHIB Super Store sent 32,584,181 (32.58M) SHIB to the “inferno” addresses in one significant transaction.

1Cent Destroyed 89.08 Million SHIB:

On the other hand, 1Cent token incinerated 89,080,603 (89.08M) SHIB through 5 separate transactions in October. Likewise, SHIB Super Store 1Cent also organized a Weekly Burn Event on October 31st and removed 22,432,755 (22.43M) SHIB in one notable transaction.

Past 24 Hours Burn: and the Monthly SHIB Burn figure also shared the past 24 Hour Burn and reported that 23,232,755 (23.23M) SHIB has been burned in 2 separate transactions.

Shiba Inu is preparing itself fiercely for the upcoming Bull Run. Along with Burning, Shiba Inu’s mainstream adoption is also on the rise as most companies are finding ways to expand payment options to fulfill the modern needs of their consumers. Recently, the two innovative consumer real estate brands, Pacaso and, have begun accepting Shiba Inu payments.

The Whales’ interest in Shiba Inu also renewed following the developments in Shiba Inu Ecosystem. Biggest ETH Whales are scooping up trillions of Shiba Inu in one go from the past few days. As per data provided by WhaleStats, SHIB appears as the top holding position by dollar value among the 1000 biggest ETH Whales. The top 1000 Whales collectively hold $103,392,245 ($103.39M) worth of Shiba Inu in their wallets.

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