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Crypto-To-Fiat Payment Firm Swapin Drops Fees 65% Following FTX Fiasco To Support Crypto Community


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All across the cryptocurrency community, there is only one topic of discussion at this very moment. That’s because the significance of the situation and the impact it’s had on the industry is second to none.

The cryptocurrency platform FTX best known for partnering with Tom Brady, Steph Curry, and other stars, is at risk of going under and has halted customer funds. The turmoil also caused a devastating crash in crypto after months of consolidation.

To help lift spirits around the crypto community, crypto-to-fiat payment provider Swapin is reducing fees on all InstaPay services by 65% throughout the entire month of November.

What Happened At FTX?

The situation related to FTX is tragic. Many users have funds frozen there, while others, including celebrity investors, might have their entire net worth wiped out. There is a somber tone all across the cryptocurrency industry, with many users fearing what could possibly come next.

Despite all the despair across the market, it is important to remember that not all cryptocurrency companies are misguided and maligned. Many companies seek only to push crypto adoption forward, and find ways to improve the industry itself.

65% Off Swapin Fees In November

Starting now through the end of November, Swapin is offering all users 65% off fees when using InstaPay services in hopes of reviving confidence in crypto brands. Regular commissions of 1.35% have been reduced to 0.5% on transactions valued at 30K euros and above, making Swapin’s competitive fees even lower.

Swapin is a reminder that brands can still be trusted across the cryptocurrency industry. The company is licensed and regulated in Europe, and has incredible ratings on Trustpilot from satisfied customers.

How Swapin Tackles Crypto Volatility

The company is run by a CEO who got his start in the industry as a Bitcoin miner, and had a vision for an interconnected future after experiencing many hurdles firsthand. For example, converting crypto to fiat comes with the regular price volatility risk.

Swapin tools lock the exchange rate between cryptocurrencies and EUR or GBP for 30 minutes while transactions take place, eliminating risk for businesses and individuals on the receiving end.

Everything You Need To Know About Swapin

All Swapin tools instantly convert cryptocurrencies into fiat and deposit it into a connected bank account. The process is seamless and convenient, making crypto payments easy for the first time.

Swapin also has a complete lineup of business services companies themselves can take advantage of. B2B tools like Coin Collector and the E-Com widget make accepting crypto from clients and customers as simple as possible.

B2C Solutions Explained

Solutions like InstaFill let users top up a bank account with cash by sending crypto to a specially connected wallet. Each time funds hit the wallet, Swapin instantly fills your bank account with a corresponding amount of fiat.

InstaPay lets anyone send payments in crypto that is converted into cash in an instant as the name implies.  It also has useful recurring payment templates for monthly subscriptions, bills, etc.

All About B2B Tools

Coin Collector generates a pre-filled invoice link where users can quickly pay for goods and services with a large list of popular cryptocurrencies supported by Swapin.

The E-Com widget is a plug and play tool that companies can implement on any website to accept cryptocurrencies through a convenient checkout process.

Take Advantage Of Lower Swapin Fees All November Long

Swapin InstaPay services will be available with a 65% discount on fees for the entire month of November. Any crypto users feeling the burn from the FTX fiasco can take advantage.

The promotion is just another step in Swapin’s commitment to furthering crypto adoption and creating an ecosystem that coexists alongside traditional finance and big banks.

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