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How To Earn Money With Gala Music?


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What if you could earn money by listening to your favorite music? If you like listening to new songs as they have just been released, why not monetize it? You probably think that this is impossible. However, with the Gala Music, this becomes a reality. Everyone who has a Gala Music node can put their songs in a network to earn money or they can get paid by listening to music. The blockchain ensures the safety and openness of all financial dealings.

There are three ways to earn income with Gala Music. The first way does not require any investments. Each time you listen to a song through the Gala streaming platform, you get half a cent in return. However, not every music piece as well as not every artist`s songs available to get rewards since you are considered an outsider when you do not invest in Gala Music Nodes first. You can still earn passive income by listening to emerging artists’ music pieces that would be always available to you.

If you want to earn big money, you need to buy a Gala Music Node which leads us to another two ways of making money by listening to music with Gala. Gala music Node is the decentralized framework that enables worldwide hosting, listening and rewards. In other words, it can be considered as your personal collection of music and songs that any person in the world can access. When you put new music or NFT to your music node, it becomes publicly visible to everyone. The most interesting part starts when someone listens to music on your music node which allows you to get rewards.

There are two types of nodes: Fan Node and Player Node. If you own Gala Music Fan Node, you get more rewards in return for listening to music. It lets you listen to your favorite songs and earn money without no limits. Fan Node may be also seen as the equivalent of the most devoted fan club. The operator of this type of Node earns money not only for listening to music pieces but also for hosting and streaming music. Every song NFT that you have will be paired with a Node. This allows getting listen-to-earn rewards which then may be converted into crypto or real money.

Player Nodes enable their owners to earn rewards in several ways in addition to hosting and streaming NFT tracks throughout Gala Music. With Player Node, you can put your own music which will let you earn much more money as a creator. The more people listen to your music, the more revenue will be generated. This is a perfect option for music creators who wants to share their art and make money out of it. Every player who operates a Player Node will be eligible for a regular distribution as a reward for keeping their Node up and contributing to the network. Even though it is not actively acquiring listeners and does not currently feature any NFT tunes.

No matter which option you chose, you can earn money with Gala Music. Will it be a passive income or one of your main money streams – it is up to you. When it comes to music, Gala Music is a believer in the benefits for both creators and music lovers.

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