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Best Blockchain Courses To Learn Online For 2023


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Blockchain is a trendy concept nowadays, but few people actually know what it entails. A blockchain is simply a decentralized financial system that prevents anyone from cheating on the system. As you can imagine, with the number of cryptocurrencies we have today, many blockchains exist. However, while each might have its own pros and cons, all blockchains have the same technology, which is why it makes sense to learn blockchain.

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You’ll find many blockchain courses online today, which can be very discouraging if you don’t know how to choose the right one for you. In order to make things simpler, we’ll be going over 5 of the best courses you should consider if you’re looking for a comprehensive course on blockchain.

Top 3 Online Blockchain Courses in 2023

Whether you’re new or experienced, if you want to get started investing in cryptocurrencies, you might want to consider these 3 online blockchain courses:

  • Blockchain Foundation And Use Cases
  • Blockchain Developer Nanodegree From Udacity
  • Blockchain Revolution In Financial Services Specialization By Coursera

1.    Blockchain Foundation And Use Cases

This course is by ConsenSys Academy. It is beginner-friendly and takes a total of 16 hours to finish. It is taught in English with subtitles in different languages such as Arabic, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Vietnamese, German, Russian, and Spanish. This course covers the most relevant introduction to blockchain for developers and non-developers. Aside from the technology, this course also exposes you to the ideology behind decentralization. From module 1 to module 3, you will be introduced to the blockchain and all technologies behind it. Module four goes into bitcoin extensively and deeper into a next-generation blockchain called Ethereum. The use cases featured in the final module are drawn among the businesses in the ConsenSys portfolio. With our professionals, you rest assured of getting every necessary information and understanding the business side of the blockchain.

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2.    Blockchain Developer Nanodegree From Udacity

This is one of the most extensive and in-depth courses listed here. It takes you from a complete beginner to a professional. This course is highly recommended if you can commit some time to learn. In this program, you can work with the bitcoin and Ethereum protocols, building projects for real-world applications. They take you from the blockchain fundamentals and architecture to the second generation of blockchain services, smart contracts using Ethereum tokens and dapps. You can build your own app and gain the essential skills for a career in this field. It has an estimated four months to finish the course, committing at least 10 hours weekly. Enrollment in this program costs $399 per month and $1,356 for 4 months. This comprehensive course gives in-depth knowledge. You also get awarded a certificate on completion.

3.    Blockchain Revolution In Financial Services Specialization By Coursera

This course focuses explicitly on blockchain in the financial industry, redefining how we transact online and manage workflows. It is beginner-friendly and can be finished within a month. First, students are taught about the various categories of crypto assets and ways they can be transacted on blockchain. Next, they learn how blockchain is transforming the economy and society. Finally, they learn about the effect of blockchain technology on the financial service industry.

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There are four parts to this course:

  • Introduction to blockchain for financial services.
  • Blockchain, crypto assets, and decentralized finance.
  • Blockchain transformations of financial services.
  • Blockchain in financial services: strategic action plan.

The specialization is taught by Don and Alex Tapscott with other teams of professionals with various blockchain industry experiences. The enrollment fee costs $79 monthly, and you are awarded a certificate after each project is done.


Blockchain technology is something we should all learn. There are many job opportunities associated with it, and the knowledge gained can also be applied for personal use. Perhaps tomorrow, you’ll be the one to create the next revolutionary cryptocurrency. If you decide to learn blockchain, take note of the purses we discussed today, and get a quality education that will distinguish you from your competitors.

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