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FitBurn Partners With 5ire, India’s Fastest-Growing Blockchain Ecosystem, To Bridge Fitness And Blockchain


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The next-gen fitness lifestyle app FitBurn has announced its partnership with the 5ire blockchain. 5ire is the world’s first sustainable blockchain network, developed in integration with the United Nations’ sustainable development goals (SDG). The blockchain aims to make tokenization safer, faster, and cheaper, while solving real-life community problems. 

As blockchain rapidly evolves, the technology is increasingly integrated with innovative projects to drive unique values across the digital and physical worlds and create social or community-based benefits. Two of these are FitBurn and 5ire: both have innovated unique models, aiming to deliver real-world value to their blockchain activities. 

From profit to benefit – a shifting paradigm in blockchain

The ultimate goal of FitBurn is to build a health-conscious community by rewarding healthy lifestyles and activities through the blockchain. However, fitness is often costly, restricting low-income communities from pursuing such lifestyles. FitBurn aims to eliminate this challenge by building a tokenized community for financially supporting users in their health and fitness journey. 

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Through the project’s unique Burn-to-Earn model, users can track their fitness journey through the app and receive rewards in the form of CAL tokens. In addition, the project also partners with mainstream fitness brands to bring promotions and other values to its users.

FitBurn’s unique goal perfectly aligns with the 3rd goal of UN SDG – ‘Good Health and Well-being”. This creates a unified frontier for both FitBurn and 5ire, which will be solidified through this new partnership. 

Together with Fitburn, we plan to deliver a seamless fitness experience that no one has seen before. Our mission is to create an ecosystem where individuals can go from staying fit to earning rewards without ever having to stop what they’re doing – bringing together two industries that have yet to collaborate much,” says 5ire CMO, Mr. Utkarsh Amitabh. 

5ire, India’s fastest-growing blockchain ecosystem at the time of this writing, shares a vision of fueling the fifth industrial revolution. Through its open source and SDG-driven consensus mechanism – 5ire aims to influence the widespread adoption of blockchain by combining it with sustainability and innovation.

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The collaboration between these two highly-innovative blockchain projects will be mutually beneficial. 5ire’s Testnet will provide a platform for FitBurn to test ideas before making them live on Mainnet. Meanwhile, it will serve 5ire’s purpose of expanding in the gaming and fitness industry and promoting sustainable usage across the globe.

FitBurn continues to extend its partnership pool

With the partnership with 5ire, FitBurn continues to extend its collaborations across the board. Recently, the project has also appointed Sergio Oliva Jr. as another advisor. Oliva Jr is a veteran bodybuilder and a former New York Pro champion. According to the FitBurn team, Oliva’s knowledge, popularity, and industrial credibility will help mentor the brand and its users. 

FitBurn will also become the title sponsor for Mr. Olympia, the most prestigious event in the competitive bodybuilding scene. So far, the project has become a trailblazer across the fitness and blockchain industry. 

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