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Elon Musk Launches Poll On Whether To Bring Back Trump; Crypto Community Responds


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Musk puts the fate of Donald Trump’s Twitter account in the hands of his followers.

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Elon Musk launched a Twitter poll today to decide the fate of Donald Trump’s Twitter account, which was placed on permanent suspension on January 8 last year.

“Vox Populi, Vox Dei,” Musk wrote beneath the poll, a Latin phrase that means “the voice of the people is the voice of God.”

With over 18 hours left, the poll has already attracted over 6.2 million votes at press time, with 54% in favor of bringing back Trump and 46% opposing so far.

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It came after the Twitter boss reinstated the accounts of comedian Kathy Griffin, clinical psychologist Jordan Peterson, and Babylon Bee, a conservative satire media.

“Trump’s decision has not yet been made,” Musk said.

It bears mentioning that in May, Musk asserted that he would reverse the ban on Trump’s account should he take over Twitter. The billionaire asserted that Twitter should not have permanent bans. Moreover, he described the decision to ban Trump as “a morally bad decision, to be clear, and foolish in the extreme.”

Musk’s position on the Trump ban made his purchase of Twitter even more unpopular with left-leaning Americans on Twitter.

It is worth noting that the former American president was banned because many believe that he used his tweets to incite the Capitol Hill Insurrection. Notably, a mob of Trump supporters stormed Capitol Hill on January 6, 2021, to stop the count of the electoral college votes and overturn the election results that ousted Trump and declared Biden president. Trump appeared to egg his supporters with his tweets instead of calming the situation.

Consequently, he is seen as a threat to American democracy. Despite Musk’s perceived support for Trump’s Twitter reinstatement, it is worth noting that he has openly and consistently disapproved of his policies, saying Trump was not the man for the job before the 2016 elections that brought him to power.

Musk asserted yesterday that Twitter’s new policy is “freedom of speech, but not freedom of reach.” Per Musk’s tweet, this implies that Twitter will not boost perceived hate tweets to audiences and will not monetize them. Furthermore, users will not be able to see these tweets unless they search for them.

The billionaire has clarified that these policies will affect tweets, not Twitter accounts.

 The Crypto Community Responds

Unsurprisingly, the poll today has attracted a flurry of responses, including some from influential voices in the crypto community.

In response to the poll, MicroStrategy chief and Bitcoin evangelist Michael Saylor proposed an “All Users” poll system. According to Saylor, this will allow everyone to have a say, not just his followers.

Meanwhile, Dogecoin co-creator Billy Markus asserted that he did not want Trump’s account reinstated. Markus said it would only feed into narratives that Musk supports the extreme ideas of certain Trump followers. In addition, he said it would only lead to increased polarization on the microblogging platform.

It bears mentioning that Trump declared his interest in running for office again in 2024. Consequently, access to his over 88 million Twitter followers could boost him. However, it is not clear that the former US president plans to return, as he has launched Truth Social, his own social media platform.

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