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Official Shiba Inu Burn Tracker Burns 127M SHIB In A Single Transaction, Expects to Burn More Tokens 


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Shibburn incinerates 127.82M Shiba Inu tokens in one transaction. 

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@Shibburn, the official Twitter handle that tracks Shiba Inu burns, has burned an astounding amount of the canine-themed cryptocurrency. In a tweet today, Shibburn burned 127,821,443 (127.82M) SHIB tokens in a single transaction. 

According to SHIB Burn blockchain data, the transaction occurred today at exactly 16:24 (UTC). At the current rate of $0.00000868, the tokens were worth $1,109. In a follow-up tweet, Shibburn noted that the number of tokens incinerated was obtained from one of the three methods it uses to burn SHIB. 

“This is one part. We are still waiting for payments to come through for Shibburn Radio ads and Super Followers,” Shibburn noted

Shibburn Contributing to Shiba Inu Burns

In recent times, Shibburn has joined members of the SHIBArmy to incinerate millions of tokens. Notably, Shibburn uses earnings from three of its projects, such as Shibburn.com, Shib Burn Radio, and Twitter Super Followers, to buy and burn SHIB. According to Shibburn, the three projects account for up to 40% of its entire revenue. 

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In a bid to accelerate SHIB burns, the official Shiba Inu burn tracker said it would use a substantial amount of its earnings to incinerate the tokens. However, the donations will only be made after the team has deducted taxes and expenses from the earnings. 

Recall that in September @Shibburn launched an entertaining way for the community to contribute to Shiba Inu burns. Shibburn launched a radio app for Android and iOS devices as part of efforts to increase the number of burned tokens. 

Meanwhile, aside from the 127.82 million tokens burned by Shibburn, the community has also incinerated hefty amounts of SHIB. As reported by TheCryptoBasic, Shiba Inu enthusiasts burned 38.31 million SHIB tokens in one day. 

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