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Bibliomp.com (BIBL): A Cross-Chain Platform That Showcases Various Use Cases And Teaches People To Safely Navigate The Crypto Space


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Bibliomps are monkanoid mammals from Biblioranus. They have ascended beyond regular density monkeys by battling each other with a weapon that prevents the Bibliomps from firsthand harming others!

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Bibliomp is a cross-chain project that will be using video games and metaverse to teach people how to navigate the crypto space safely while showcasing various use cases of the blockchain to other projects or businesses that want to codify or gamify their businesses.

Bibliomp is quantum-minded and will reach more people than the NFT community alone can do through the development of the most groundbreaking NFT video game to date and a marketing team who will be as diverse as the Bibliomp themselves.

BIBLCoins Overview

Coins Name:BIBL

Total Supply:111,147,486,532

Total Circulation:1,152,994,756

Coinstore.com Listing

Trading Pair: USDT/BIBL

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Trade Time: TBA

Withdrawal Time: TBA

What are the utilities of the BIBL Coins?

xBIBLx is an education-driven token that will be used to navigate many foundations of blockchain technology using XDC Network, Wanchain, and XRPL Ledger and with free token distribution creates an almost zero-risk way for holders to learn quite a bit of use for blockchain technology as well as the ability to learn to navigate the crypto space safely.

Using the BIBL token someone can learn how to Set Trustlines on Xumm Wallet, stake tokens using self-custody staking through Stayk-K, purchase NFTs issued by HADANFT, follow procedures for airdrops, how to send and to receive XRPL tokens, use public memos for transparent accounting and messaging and navigate the XRPL on chain DEX.

What parts does the project ecosystem include?

The BIBLs Economics

More Details on the BIBL whitepaper

Bibliomp’s Official Media

Website | Twitter (@ BibliompNFT) | Discord only

About Coinstore.com

Founded in 2020 by well-experienced Fintech professionals from some of the most renowned crypto exchanges, Coinstore.com has amassed over 180 employees worldwide, serving more than 1.8M registered users in 175 countries. Coinstore.com provides global users with speedy, smooth, and secure cryptocurrency trading services, derivative business, OTC services, and NFT services.

As a leading global provider of financial infrastructure and technology in the field of the crypto economy, Coinstore.com aims to become the preferred cryptocurrency trading platform and digital service provider worldwide.

Coinstore.com Official Media

Website | Twitter | Discord | YouTube

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