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Lionsgate Entertainment Files NFT-Focused Trademark Application


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Lions Gate Entertainment has indicated an interest in providing NFT-focused services through a recently-filed trademark application.

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Top American-Canadian entertainment company Lionsgate Entertainment Corporation (Lionsgate) has filed a trademark application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for its business name Lionsgate with intentions to provide NFT-related and crypto trading offerings under the trademark.

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The development was recently disclosed by USPTO-licensed trademark attorney and NFT enthusiast Mike Kondoudis. According to Kondoudis, Lionsgate seeks to offer services bordering on a crypto trading platform, NFTs, digital tokens, and virtual goods.

The trademark application with the serial number 97686763 was filed on November 21 with the USPTO and owned by Lions Gate Entertainment Inc., per data from a document shared by Kondoudis.

Information from the document also suggests that Lionsgate is looking to provide customers with offerings in the form of digital media, such as virtual art, digital tokens, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and digital collectibles.

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Additionally, the company plans to release its virtual currency exchange platform, which would be used for the creation, storage, tracking, and processing of digital tokens, including but not limited to NFTs and digital collectibles.

Lionsgate also plans to offer products bordering on digital currencies created using blockchain technology. In addition, the document reveals that Lionsgate will provide services that would give customers access to downloadable digital avatars, skins, and characters.

Furthermore, the firm will be looking into developing and presenting a multifaceted platform that will facilitate several services relating to cryptocurrency and NFT trading. These include transactions carried out with digital collectibles, cryptocurrencies, digital arts, NFTs, and other virtual tokens.

Lionsgate’s Increasing Interest in Web3 and NFTs

Lionsgate’s recent trademark application isn’t it’s first dealing with the cryptocurrency scene.

Last month, Lionsgate partnered with Autograph and Internet Game as the firms looked to release a new web3 experience linked to Lionsgate’s horror TV series SAW. Players are expected to survive the horror web3 experience to win prizes which include a Mutant Ape NFT.

Additionally, in June, web3 game The Sandbox announced a partnership with Lionsgate to leverage the top entertainment company’s film collection in providing its customers with movie-themed web3 destinations in the Metaverse.

Being one of the leading entities in the entertainment industry, Lionsgate’s sustained involvement with the web3 and NFT scene is likely to drive more attention to the industry. Furthermore, its recent trademark application suggests an intention to dive directly into the NFT scene.

Other Developments

Amid a surge in institutional adoption, the cryptocurrency and NFT scene has captured the attention of several top companies who are looking to leverage the nascent blockchain technology and its applications as they stay ahead of the curve.

There appears to be a surge of crypto-focused trademark applications of late. The Crypto Basic has previously reported four applications from top corporations this month alone, including Nissan, Rolex, the University of Alabama, and JPMorgan.

Kondoudis also disclosed that Mastercard recently filed another trademark application for Mastercard Crypto Secure, under which the firm will provide services in the form of a transaction surveillance platform, cryptocurrency information provision, and risk assessment.

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