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University of Alabama Files 6 Crypto-focused Trademark Applications


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The University of Alabama has filed six trademarks, disclosing plans to offer Metaverse and NFT-related services.

Amid a surge of crypto-focused trademark applications from several top firms, the University of Alabama (UA) becomes one of the first educational institutions to indicate interest in Web3, as it files six varying trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, with plans to use them in offering NFT-related services.

UA’s NFT-focused trademark applications reveal the university’s intentions to trademark its names and logos in the plan to offer certain services bordering on NFTs and the Metaverse, reveals Mike Kondoudis, a notable trademark attorney and member of the US Supreme Court Bar.

“The University of Alabama has filed 6 trademark applications for its names and logos claiming plans for:

  •  NFTs + Digital Tokens 
  •  Online Stores for Virtual Goods
  •  NFT Marketplaces
  •  Financial Brokerage Services

     …and more,” Kondoudis disclosed in a tweet Monday.

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Kondoudis further shared a shot revealing more information on the trademark applications from UA. Data from the shot revealed that the trademarks with serial numbers 97669685, 97669682, 97669680, 97669678, 97669676, and 97669673 were filed on November 9 and are owned by The Board of Trustees of the University of Alabama.

Additionally, data indicate that the University of Alabama intends to utilize these six trademarks in proffering NFT-focused services such as:

  • Downloadable multimedia files including but not limited to pictures, videos, audio, artworks, etc., in the form of NFTs.
  • Digital collectibles featuring downloadable files in the likeness of athletes and sport-related objects.
  • An online retail store providing a platform for the purchase of virtual goods in the form of multimedia files.
  • An NFT marketplace that would allow users to buy and sell NFTs featuring downloadable multimedia files.
  • NFT issuance.
  • Provision of financial brokerage services focused on crypto collectibles, NFT, and digital tokens.

As global adoption surges regardless of the prevailing issues plaguing the space, the cryptocurrency scene has witnessed an increase in interest from top global entities, evident in the recent surge in crypto-related trademark applications filed with the USPTO.

Last Monday, The Crypto Basic reported luxury watchmaker Rolex’s intentions to dive into the crypto and NFT space, as it filed a trademark application with the USPTO on October 31, revealing plans to offer crypto-related services.

Reports of Rolex’s crypto-focused trademark applications came shortly after entities such as Visa, Nissan, and Western Union made the same moves. Several individuals have likened the crypto space to the internet, forecasting a major advantage for firms who dive into it early enough. As a result, the sudden interest is not unexpected.

Besides these recent trademark applications, the University of Alabama has shown interest in cryptocurrencies. In December 2020, the university partnered with blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis to provide students with education and training to acquire cryptocurrency skills. Acknowledging the growing interest in cryptocurrencies amongst students and alumni, UA recently opened up donations in cryptocurrencies for benefactors.

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