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Fidelity Hints At Possible Shiba Inu Listing


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Fidelity says it hopes to expand its cryptocurrency trading opportunities over time.

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U.S.-based financial services company Fidelity Investments recently responded to a request made by a prominent Shiba Inu influencer. In a recent tweet, @ShibPP, one of the top Shiba Inu influencers, requested that Fidelity Investments consider integrating SHIB into its trading app alongside other supported cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).

“Fidelity Crypto, in addition to the ability to purchase and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum in the @Fidelity App, the SHIBARMY requests that you integrate Shiba Inu as well,” @ShibPP quizzed.

Surprisingly, the United States-based financial services company responded to @ShibPP’s request, saying it currently offers only Bitcoin and Ethereum. The company added that it has plans to expand its cryptocurrency offering in the future.

Fidelity Offers Commission-Free Crypto Trading Services

Earlier this month, Fidelity Investments announced it was offering commission-free cryptocurrency trading services to its retail clients. CNBC reported that the company named the service Fidelity Crypto – an initiative designed to allow retail investors to buy and sell Bitcoin and Ethereum. The American financial services company will provide custody services for supported cryptocurrencies through its subsidiary, Fidelity Digital Assets. 

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In a statement shared with CNBC, Fidelity said: 

“Where our customers invest matters more than ever. A meaningful portion of Fidelity’s customers are already interested in and own crypto. We are providing them with tools to support their choice so they can benefit from Fidelity’s education, research, and technology.”

Fidelity also offers other crypto-related trading services, including providing Bitcoin custody services.

On April 26, Fidelity allowed its employees to have a portion of their retirement savings in Bitcoin via their 401(k) accounts.

Fidelity Will Further Boost SHIB’s Adoption

Fidelity Investments is one of the biggest financial services companies in the United States, with over $9.9 trillion in assets under management. Should the company eventually decide to integrate Shiba Inu among its cryptocurrency offerings, it would contribute to the widespread adoption of the canine-themed token among retail investors. 

Shiba Inu’s influencers have continued to push for SHIB’s mainstream adoption. Influencers were instrumental in helping Shiba Inu to be listed on Robinhood by sharing the link to a Change.org online petition on their social media pages. As reported, the online petition requested the commission-free trading platform to add support for SHIB. Interestingly, Robinhood finally listed Shiba Inu on its trading platform in April. 

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