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Terra Rebels Dismisses Rumors of Terminating LUNC Development


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Terra Rebels have dispelled rumors suggesting they plan to terminate operations on the Terra Classic (LUNC) chain.

Terra Rebels, the independent community-driven organization dedicated to rejuvenating the Terra Classic (LUNC) token, has dispelled the recent increasingly circulating rumors that they plan to cease operations on the LUNC chain.

Cryptocurrency influencer and prominent LUNC community member Classy recently disclosed the information via Twitter. According to Classy, the Terra Rebels group confirmed that they would continue operations on the LUNC chain, as opposed to the rumors that they plan to stop working on the network.

Classy added that the group is only looking to develop a sustainable budgeted model of operations as it looks to switch from its previous voluntary model, which has not attracted any fees from the community. The budgeted model will provide a transparent budget of operations for the work the group is doing on the LUNC chain in order to get funded.

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“Just received confirmation that $LUNC TerraRebels will continue their operations on the LUNC chain. They’re currently working on a budget model for the future but will continue helping our chain as promised,” Classy disclosed in a tweet Tuesday. The revelation has precipitated a wave of relief in the LUNC camp, as numerous community members received the disclosure well.


Before Classy’s recent remarks on the matter, a representative of the Terra Rebels administrative team, who goes by the pseudonym Clan Mudhorn officially debunked the claims through Twitter. The individual noted that they wish to dispel some of the recently propagated claims within the LUNC camp, highlighting the Terra Rebels (TR) rumors.

According to Clan Mudhorn, the Terra Rebels will continue working on producing software clients. Notwithstanding, they revealed, just like Classy, that the group is only looking to work on a budgeted model of operations.

“TR is not ceasing development. We are still here, and we continue to work towards producing software clients. We are simply shifting to a budgeted work model,” they said in a tweet Monday.


While the LUNC community has received the disclosure well, several members have claimed that the community should have already devised a means to compensate the group for its tireless efforts at working on the LUNC chain, as they pledge support for the budgeted model proposed.

The New Terra Rebels Sustainable Budgeted Work Model

Speaking on the newly-introduced model on Sunday, notable Terra community member and Terra Rebel’s admin ReXx sought to clarify the situation to assuage confusion.

ReXx revealed that, through the budgeted model, the Terra Rebels group would halt providing free development deliveries for the LUNC chain. Notwithstanding, the group will present a budget for any operations to the community that would be funded. ReXx also disclosed that the V23 network upgrade would be included in the budget.


ReXx shared a document outlining the proposal’s details (prop 0017) which presented the Sustainable Budgeted Work Model for the Terra Rebels group members. The proposal that Raider70 presented on October 28 outlined the pros and cons of switching to the budgeted model.

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