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Chiliz (CHZ) And Hedera (HBAR) See Moderate Growth As Crypto Enthusiasts Invest During World Cup, Orbeon Protocol (ORBN) Sees 260% Price Increase


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Amidst unfavourable global macroeconomic conditions, and the now infamous unravelling of FTX, many coins and tokens, including Bitcoin, have suffered heavily, particularly in the month of November.  Chiliz, Hedera and Orbeon Protocol are some of the few tokens to see positive movements over the last month, with Orbeon Protocol leading the pack with a 260% price surge while also selling out the first phase of its presale in a few days.

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Orbeon Protocol surges by 260% in ‘Black November’

 For investors wondering how to get in on early stage web2 and web3 projects, Orbeon Protocol has the answer.  Orbeon Protocol carefully vet interesting investment opportunities in early stage businesses and offer them to regular investors, something that was once the mainstay of the very wealthy.  By allowing startups to mint and issue fractionalized NFTs to everyday investors for as low as $1, startups are able to access a much wider pool of investor capital.

Orbeon Protocol is planning to launch on multiple chains, meaning that investors will not be restricted to costly Ethereum. The project’s native token, ORBN, will allow holders to have meaningful governance rights, including voting on which projects should be offered to the Orbeon protocol community.

Additionally, holders will be able to stake the token for passive income, and can feel safe in the knowledge that the liquidity pool will be locked for 10 years, proving Orbeon Protocol’s commitment to the crypto launchpad space. This makes ORBN an attractive proposition, with experts predicting a meteoric 6000% rise in the price of Orbeon Protocol.

Hedera’s growing on-chain activity helps to sustain the price of HBAR

Hedera is an unusual project, as it is not actually a blockchain but instead uses an alternative, closed source, distributed ledger system.  Hedera has been criticized by some for advertising a speed of 10,000 TPS, because apart from wallet transfers, the network speed is actually limited to just 100 TPS.  Additionally, people have questioned Hedera’s choice of being closed source.

Since the overall downturn of the global economy this summer, HBAR has been hovering between around $0.05 to $0.07, rallying to $0.08 in August, that is, until the recent black swan event of FTX’s downfall.

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Hedera has been primarily maintaining its price due to more on-chain activity, with Messari noting that from July to September, total transactions surged by around 40%.  DeFi users seem to be flocking to Hedera as the TVL (Total Value Locked) was up by over 170% in this period, with SaucerSwap offering juicy variable single sided staking rates of approximately 21% on their token SAUCE, and this may explain part of the growth that Hedera has experienced.  Hedera is now trading at around $0.047.

Chiliz Proves that Sports Fan Tokens can weather the storm

Chiliz is a well established sports and entertainment token blockchain, that allows fans to purchase sporting team fan tokens and use Chiliz to purchase NFTs and other sports related things. Unlike the majority of cryptocurrencies at the moment, Chiliz has seen a rise in its price since the summer, surging up from around $0.10 to $0.275 on November 7th.

No doubt, the current FIFA World Cup has been a driver that has Chiliz coin growing whilst many others slump.  Even the recent FTX crash only had a temporary effect on Chiliz, as we can see from the rebound back to $0.27 on November 17th. It will be interesting to see how the progression of the World Cup continues to affect the value of Chiliz coin, as fan tokens like Chiliz continue to see increased popularity during the event.

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