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Perfect Timing For the Launch of Blockchain-Based Sports Prediction App, Maincard


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Maincard has unveiled its latest news – on Nov.19th, one day before the World Cup kicked off in Qatar, Maincard had its much anticipated debut. Based on ERC-721 standards and powered by HyperLedger technology, it promises a cutting edge gaming experience with classic gameplay dynamics. This NFT Sports Prediction App allows users to predict the outcomes of matches and earn rewards in the form of NFTs.

NFTs for sports prediction

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Maincard NFTs are required to play the game, and can be earned in several ways. The first is by participating in the project’s testnets. The second is by contributing to the project’s development. And finally, Maincard NFTs will be available for purchase on several cryptocurrency exchanges.

To prepare for the launch of their new mobile application, the company ran a series of beta tests across several months. More than 14,000 users from around 125 countries participated.

Early project supporters have already received Maincard Tokens (required for playing the game) based on the amount of time they contributed to the development process. Users can choose whether they want to battle or make call predictions depending on their expertise in various sports. Whether the user skill set be soccer or tennis, MainCard, a pioneering blockchain platform, promises an experience that is suitable for everyone.

Weekly prizes

Each week, there are also crypto prizes for the top-3 players earning the most coins. The first prize winner will receive 3,000 Matic (MATIC), second place will get 2,000 Matic (MATIC) and third place will win 1,000 Matic Network Coins (MATIC).

For those who find themselves needing some extra coin throughout their journey in this blockchain arena – Maincard have announced that soon the native token will be available through a variety of leading exchanges.

The number of MainCoins received for correctly predicting outcomes depends on the rarity of the MainCard NFT being used to bet with. Higher level cards offer greater rewards, but at a cost – losing is equal to not just one game, but also life. To make matters worse, Cards Mode features higher stakes than Prediction Mode: if someone predicts wrong and your prediction turns out correct; they steal your card. Players can save their cards from potential thefts or future losses by repairing them using Coins or Tokens (though these can be hard to come by). Users can merge low-level Maincards into more valuable ones which makes the game even more enticing (since mixing two high-value cards creates a much stronger one). Of course, anyone who doesn’t have an appetite for risk will still find enjoyment in prediction mode. Plus, making consecutive predictions raises an individual’s win/loss rate – something that may eventually lead to greater incentives or purchasing power within the built-in marketplace.

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