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New Wallet Receives 2.8T Shiba Inu, Becomes 32nd Biggest Shib Holder


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A brand new Shiba Inu Whale becomes the 32nd biggest SHIB holder after receiving a mammoth $26.29 Million worth of Shiba Inu to her portfolio in a single transaction. recently reported a transaction in which the unknown wallet sent a whopping 2,871,107,065,473 (2.87T) SHIB, worth $26,299,340 ($26.29M) to the newly created wallet in one robust transaction executed about half an hour ago from press time.

Nascent Whale Accumulated 287 Trillion in a Single Transaction
Nascent Whale Accumulated 287 Trillion in a Single Transaction


The brand-new wallet is now ranked as the 32nd biggest holder of SHIB on followed by the wallets of the world’s leading exchanges, Binance US and

Amidst the extensive consolidation phase the broader crypto market faces, Shiba Inu whales have remained active of late, with the network witnessing a recent transaction involving up to 2.8 trillion SHIB tokens. Both wallets involved in the transaction are unknown as of press time, but the recipient wallet had been inactive before the inflow.

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As highlighted today by blockchain tracking and analytics platform Whale Alert, the recent whale transaction involved the transfer of 2,871,107,065,000 (2.8 trillion) SHIB worth $26.2 million between two unidentified wallets. Data from Etherscan reveals that the transaction occurred on December 8, 12:03 (UTC).


The transfer emptied the sending wallet, leaving it with $16.5 worth of Shiba Predator (QOM) tokens. Despite having remained active in the past months, the recent SHIB transaction was the first massive outflow from the wallet, suggesting an intent to empty and abandon it, but little is known of this at the time of reporting.

On the other hand, the recipient address is a newly-created wallet address, as indicated by its transaction history. The recent inflow is the first transaction the address has been involved in, data from Etherscan suggests. With a new balance of $26.2M, the wallet only holds the 2.8 trillion SHIB recently transferred into it. The address is now the 32nd largest SHIB holder, according to Etherscan.

Whales Have Begun Amassing SHIB

These whale transactions involving SHIB have picked up amid the recent market uncertainties. Some investors look to find a haven for their assets, with others either selling off out of panic or amassing more tokens as they seek to seize the buy-the-dip opportunity. 

Notably, newly-created wallets have been stacking up billions of SHIB tokens of late, with this recent transaction representing one of the biggest accumulations. The Crypto Basic reported two whales amassed up to 420B SHIB ($3.94M) to their balances two days ago. This development occurred less than 24 hours after an earlier report revealed the accumulation of 555 billion SHIB by two newly-created mysterious wallets on December 5.

Recent SHIB Developments

This apparent accumulation trend occurs at a time when SHIB is regarded as undervalued amid the market slump, with several notable developments taking place within the Shiba Inu camp. The Shiba Inu team recently teased new surprises and giveaways for community members in a soon-to-be-launched event. 

Furthermore, on December 6, top Japanese crypto exchange OKCoin Japan hinted at a SHIB listing following persistent calls from a SHIB proponent. Additionally, Virginia-based Exclusive Automotive Group partnered with BitPay to accept crypto payments, with Shiba Inu included as a payment option.

Today One of the top developers of SHIB named “Trophias” hinted at a potential launch of SHIB Wiki very soon. The Community believes the launch of SHIB Wiki might come up with Woofpaper V3, as mentioned earlier by the developers in one of the AMA Sessions conducted in March 2022. At that time, the developers stated: Woofpaper V3 is “in progress.”

However, the developers still refuse to give the exact release date, but as per the latest update by Trophias, SHIB Wiki seems to be very close to launch.

SHIB Trophias recently tweeted that V1 Design is completed, and the content finalization is underway. In addition, Trophias confirmed that the launch of Wiki will take place in phases “to help with the content flow.”


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