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Two Mysterious Whales Add 555 Billion Shiba Inu

Over 555.81 Billion Shiba Inu accumulated, While Community destroyed 126.45 Million SHIB in the past week.


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Major Shiba Inu holders keep on accumulating millions of dollars worth of SHIB.

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Etherscan.io recently reported that two deep-pocketed investors interacting with one of the Coinbase-linked wallets, named “Coinbase 10,” have splurged a total of $5,442,787 ($5.44M) Shiba Inu in two separate transactions and accumulated a staggering 555,818,134,743 (555.81B) SHIB. Both transactions were executed about an hour ago.

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Nascent Wallet Accumulated $2.84 Million Worth of SHIB

About an hour ago, the mysterious wallet came into life and accumulated a whopping 295,881,822,124 (295.88B), worth $2,843,424 ($2.84M) in the first-ever significant transaction.

Nascent Wallet Accumulated 2.84 Million Worth of SHIB
Nascent Wallet Accumulated 284 Million Worth of SHIB

Second Mysterious Wallet

At the same time, another mysterious wallet created on November 28th scooped up a gigantic 259,936,312,619 (259.93M) SHIB, worth $2,599,363 ($2.55M) in one significant transaction. The wallet now holds $5.11 million worth of SHIB. On November 28th, the same wallet added 272,015,652,211 (272.01B) SHIB, worth $2,720,156 ($2.72M), to her portfolio while performing her first-ever transaction.

Mysterious Wallet Increased Her SHIB Holdings by 259.93 Million Shiba Inu Tokens Now Holds 5.11 Million Worth of SHIB
Mysterious Wallet Increased Her SHIB Holdings by 25993 Million Shiba Inu Tokens Now Holds 511 Million USD Worth of SHIB

As per WhaleStats, the top 5000 ETH Whales collectively now hold $76,984,166 ($76.98M) worth of Shiba Inu in their wallets.

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Weekly Burns

Shiba Inu Community collectively incinerated 126,452,790 (126.45M) SHIB through 50 transactions in the past week.

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