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XRP Holders Slam Peter Brandt For ‘Shilling’ Solana


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Brandt has come under fire from the XRP community for his perceived promotion of the Solana network.

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Veteran trader Peter Brandt has faced criticism from XRP holders in recent tweets for his perceived promotion of Solana.

The comments came in response to Brandt tagging Solana in tweets related to his ChartWizardsNFT launch yesterday and today.

Notably, many are surprised that the perceived crypto skeptic and NFT critic has opted to launch an NFT collection.

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“I personally equate much of the NFT market with Beanie Babies and Pet Rocks,” tweeted Brandt as recently as May.

However, in October, the trader began to express more nuanced views on the asset class, again, to the surprise of many.

“Some NFT Projects will make it,” Brandt tweeted on October 13.

Notably, ChartWizardsNFT will be a token to grant holders access to a community of traders and mentorship from Brandt and his peers. Brandt, explaining his motivation in a YouTube video, noted that it was not just a “JPEG project” but an innovative way to create a budding community of traders. Per the video, Brandt says he was approached with the idea as early as March 2021.

The NFT project will launch on the Solana network, which explains the Solana tagging.

However, XRP holders have not taken too kindly to the perceived promotion of Solana, especially since Brandt has been such a strong critic of XRP. Anders (@X_Anderson) implied that it made no sense for Brandt to rebuke XRP and promote Solana.

Justin Windheim (@jwinheim) expressed similar sentiments and described the veteran trader as a “JOKE.”

It bears mentioning that the crypto community generally perceives Brandt as a crypto skeptic, especially regarding altcoins. But in the past, Brandt has been significantly critical of XRP. In July, he called it a scam token. 

Considering Solana’s frequent outages and heavy links to Sam Bankman-Fried, who is currently facing fraud charges, it is not hard to see why XRP holders are upset.

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