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Donald Trump Launches Limited NFT Collection


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Trump has unveiled a limited NFT collection that sells for $99 apiece.

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Former United States president Donald Trump has unveiled a limited non-fungible token (NFT) collection on his Truth Social account. The collection, dubbed the Donald Trump Digital Trading Card, will be minted on the Polygon network. The immediate past United States president described the trading card as a “great Christmas gift” for his supporters.

“[It] would make a great Christmas gift. Don’t Wait. They will be gone, I believe, very quickly!” he said in a statement on his Truth Social account.

Details of Trump’s NFTs

A total of 45,000 NFTs have been created for the initial run of the collection. According to the collection’s website, each piece sells for “just $99.” Notably, the trading cards are associated with a series of sweepstakes bonuses.

“With Every Digital Collectible you Buy, You’re entered into the Trump Sweepstakes,” the collection website stated.

Some prizes attached to the trading cards include a 1-on-1 Zoom call with Trump, a one-hour golf time with the former United States president, a dinner in Miami with Trump, etc. Interestingly, anyone who purchases 45 trading cards is guaranteed to attend a Gala Dinner with the former U.S. president in South Florida.

Steps to Purchasing Donald Trump’s Digital Trading Card

The collection’s website outlines three steps people can follow to purchase the digital collectible:

  • Storing Trump’s Cards
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According to the collection’s website, non-crypto enthusiasts need an email to create a wallet to store the digital collectible. However, existing crypto users can connect their Metamask wallet to have the NFT sent to them after a successful purchase.

  • Purchasing the Trading Cards

You will be required to select the number of cards you want to purchase and choose your preferred payment method. Users can pay for the digital collectibles using their credit cards or make payments with Ethereum (ETH), the world’s second-largest crypto.

  • Receive your Cards

The trading cards, alongside your Sweepstakes code, will be sent to your wallet after successful payment.

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