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Terra Classic Core Developer Zaradar Leaves Terra Rebels As Structural Cracks Appear


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Zaradar leaves the Terra Rebels.

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Tobias Andersen, AKA Zaradar, has left the Terra Rebels, a popular Terra Classic development group, per a tweet from the developer today.

The Terra Classic core developer cites disagreements over governance decisions related to funding as the reason for the decision.

“I have renounced my position in Terra Rebels due to an inability to align with the most recent governance discissions on funding,” Zaradar tweeted. “As a result, I have been removed from GitHub and can no longer service PRs. Please talk with @Raider7019, who will be managing it moving forward.”

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Notably, the developer has dropped the TR tag at the end of his moniker, now going by @ZaradarBH instead of @ZaradarTR.

It is worth noting that a recent proposal allocating 937.5 million Terra Luna Classic to the Terra Rebels has been the subject of intense controversy within the community. The funding may also be creating a divide within the development group. Notably, the group has reduced its headcount by about ten persons since receiving the funding, as The Crypto Basic reported today.

Terra Rebels admin ClanMudhorn has addressed Zaradar’s exit in a message on the Discord announcement channel. The admin alleges that Zaradar disagreed with a funding model that allocates funding to active contributors and provides a stipend for inactive contributors for past work. In addition, ClanMudhorn says Zaradar disagreed with a proposal to fund the Terra Rebels with Layer 2 funding. 

“He disagreed with that approach and asked us to convert him to a GH outside collaborator,” the Terra Rebels admin wrote. “We suggested to him that he take some time to think over that decision. He then decided to leave TR, so we complied with his original request regarding GH.”

Despite ClanMudhorn’s statements, there are grumbles of structural problems within the group. Duncan Day (@wrapped_dday), who also recently left the group, alleged censorship and power concentration issues within the group. In addition, the former business developer at the group alleged that not much gets done due to bureaucracy, saying only 8 out of its 65 members are truly active.

Per a recent tweet from Classy (@ClassyCrypto_), a community influencer, the Terra Rebels have downsized to only 12 active members.

image source: https://twitter.com/ClassyCrypto_/status/1604841179874467840

Rex Harrison, AKA Rexzy (@RexYellerBelly), a senior member of TerraCVita, a competing development group, has taken advantage of recent developments to throw shade at the Terra Rebels, urging community members to stake with TerraCVita to fund a “stable” development team.

While Zaradar’s next step is unclear, many agree it will be a big loss if he leaves the Terra Classic network entirely.

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