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Developers Team Launches New Shiba Inu Website


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Shiba Inu, lead developer, and others applaud the team behind the launch of an updated SHIB website.

The Shiba Inu dev team has continued to receive positive feedback following the launch of an updated version of the SHIB website. Several members of the Shiba Inu community, including lead developer Shytoshi Kusama, took to Twitter to commend the dev team for the website’s new look.

Today, Kusama applauded Trophias and his team for the website’s new design. He also apologized to SHIB holders on behalf of the website dev team led by Trophias. According to Kusama, the countdown to Shiba Inu’s updated website may have misled many into thinking the team was referring to Shibarium, an Ethereum layer-2 scaling network. 

“Although not in control of that, I apologize for any confusion,” Kusama added. 

Furthermore, SHIB KNIGHT, a Shiba Inu influencer, also applauded the team for the new website design.


Reacting to the positive feedback, Trophias shared some updates that still need to be carried out on the website. 

“Hey ShibArmy, thanks for the incoming feedback on the website so far! We’ll be fixing some mobile issues that cropped up and to fix some embedded PDF’s that seem to be just too small to read. Keep the feedback flowing and we’ll capture it to improve going forward!”

It bears mentioning that updating Shiba Inu’s website is considered the first step toward the launch of Shibarium. 

SHIB Holders Frustrated With the Delay of Shibarium

In recent times, SHIB holders have been led to believe that Shibarium’s Beta launch was around the corner following the mysterious tweets shared by Shiba Inu’s official team members. Earlier this month, top Shiba Inu official team member Shib Trophias tweeted about a countdown to the launch of an unnamed project. 

With not many details revealed, members of the Shiba Inu community believed the countdown was for Shibarium, an Ethereum Layer-2 scaling network. However, a recent update shared by Trophias over the weekend suggests that the countdown was for Shiba Inu’s official website, not Shibarium.

While the ongoing upgrade of Shiba Inu’s website has continued to get positive feedback from some members of SHIBArmy, others have slammed the team for the recent confusion caused by the countdown.

Trophias Says Shibarium Can’t Launch Without First Updating the Website

Shib Trophias also joined Kusama to react to SHIB holders’ frustration following the delay of Shibarium’s launch. According to Trophias, the team cannot launch Shibarium without first updating the official Shiba Inu website. 

Trophias made this known in a tweet today, saying the Shiba Inu team understands the frustration of SHIB holders regarding the delay of Shibarium’s launch. 

“As for Shibarium…we understand some may be upset as you were expecting an update on the much anticipated Shibarium. Realistically, we can’t launch everything all at once,” Trophias said

He added that launching Shibarium needs to be done carefully and thoughtfully to avoid mistakes that could be fatal. Trophias said the foremost priority was getting a place to share information and other updates, adding

“The site also is ever evolving and information will be added dynamically and presently at the will of delivery our way. It also conveys the first phase to what we hope will be a sequenced release of productive information to our upcoming release in coming days.”

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