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Forbes: Whales Moved 1 Billion XRP in Past Week


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The largest single XRP transaction in the past week involved the transfer of 325M tokens within Binance yesterday.

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XRP whales remain active amid the prevailing bear market and uncertainties surrounding the lawsuit between Ripple and the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The past week has especially witnessed a concentration of whale movements, as whale addresses have moved over 1 billion XRP in the past seven days.

The largest of these whale transactions occurred in the past 48 hours, a report from Forbes discloses, citing data from the crypto surveillance system Whale Alert. The indexed transactions have involved movements between exchanges, including Binance, Bitstamp, and Bitso. 

In-House Binance Movement 

The latest transactions in question were the largest, with 325,800,000 (325.8M) XRP valued at $112M being moved between two Binance-affiliated wallets. Following the transaction, the sending wallet has a balance of 693M XRP, while the recipient wallet, which had been dormant since an outflow in August, has a balance of 325.8M XRP.

The transaction which occurred yesterday at 13:04 (UTC), was announced by Binance earlier through its official Twitter handle. According to the exchange, plans to move large chunks of XRP and LINK tokens were underway as a part of its housekeeping exercise for Binance-pegged tokens.

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“These assets are currently in cold storage, therefore, we will be updating the wallet addresses that hold the Btoken collateral – during this period, you may notice some large transactions between these wallets. Rest assured that funds are SAFU,” the Binance team disclosed.

Other Notable Whale Movements

The next significant transaction saw the movement of 179.5M XRP worth $63.1M between two unknown wallets on Sunday at 19:54 (UTC). The transaction emptied the sending wallet with a closing balance of 100 XRP. 

The recipient wallet, however, began offloading the assets to wallets affiliated with several entities, including Bitstamp, Bitso, and Independent Reserve, in large chunks of transactions worth millions. Its balance is currently 251 XRP as of press time.

Furthermore, last Friday, a transaction involving a newly-activated wallet was indexed, as 267.4M XRP flowed into the wallet at 12:36 (UTC). The recipient wallet has so far offloaded all the assets in two transactions which saw the transfer of millions of XRP to a Bitvavo wallet and an unknown wallet.

The transaction involving the unknown wallet was also indexed by Whale Alert, as it saw the transfer of 262.4M XRP ($91.5M) last Saturday at 16:39 (UTC). The unknown recipient wallet was also newly-activated, with the recent transaction being it’s first and – so far – only transaction.

The four previously-mentioned transactions cumulatively moved a little above 1 billion XRP tokens within 48 hours – the largest witnessed within the timeframe in a while. Besides these, the network saw smaller transactions to the tune of millions of XRP in the past week.

Smaller Whale Transactions 

On Sunday, Whale Alert highlighted the movement of 62.3M XRP valued at $21.7M at 22:15 (UTC). The transaction was an in-house movement between two wallets affiliated with the Latin American exchange Bitso. The recipient wallet has so far only engaged with other Bitso wallets in a series of transaction shuffles.

A few minutes before this, another transaction had occurred involving an inflow into Bitso from an unidentified wallet. The transaction on Sunday at 22:09 (UTC) involved the movement of 40M XRP ($13.9M). The sending wallet, though unidentified, has been a series of transactions to Bitstamp, Bitso, Independent Reserves, and others after receiving 179M XRP on the same day.

Whale Alert also indexed another transaction that saw an inflow into the U.K.-based exchange Bitstamp on Sunday at 22:10 (UTC). The transaction saw the transfer of 40M XRP valued at $13.9M from an unknown wallet to a Bitstamp-affiliated wallet.

XRP’s Outlook 

These whale movements have been prevalent of late despite unfavorable market conditions. XRP, in particular, has been subjected to the swings of the bearish market amid the lack of crucial updates in the Ripple v SEC case.

However, recent reports suggest that Judge Torres had granted Ripple’s request and denied the SEC’s in part regarding Daubert motions both parties filed.

Meanwhile, XRP has plummeted by 10.90% in the past week, sliding below the $0.35 mark, as it changes hands at $0.3414 as of press time. 

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