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‘This Is Intentional Nonsense’ Deaton Reacts To Ethereum Founder XRP Attack


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Deaton says the Ethereum co-founder lacks emotional maturity.

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Attorney John E. Deaton, in a Twitter thread, has described Vitalik Buterin’s latest comments on XRP as “intentional nonsense.”

Recall that Buterin launched an assault on the digital asset and its community in a recent Bankless podcast, describing XRP as “completely centralized.” The Ethereum co-founder also expressed misgivings against the community, saying it is yet to apologize for attempting to throw Ethereum under the bus by describing Ethereum as Chinese-controlled.

Notably, this was done by Ripple lawyers, not the XRP community.

Deaton reacting to Buterin’s comments yesterday, described them as intentional nonsense, saying the Ethereum co-founder lacks emotional maturity.

“This is intentional nonsense, and even if you love Vitalik, you know it’s true,” Deaton tweeted, explaining that he held no bias against Buterin and Ethereum as an ETH holder.

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“How the hell does a piece of software code lose protection or apologize?” Deaton said, reacting to complaints from Buterin, that XRP has not apologized. “I don’t give a sh.t if you adore Vitalik – this is inexcusable and shows a complete lack of emotional maturity.

The CryptoLaw founder said it would be understandable if Buterin went after Ripple or its executives as they can speak for themselves. However, Deaton, who represents XRP holders as a friend of the court in the US Securities and Exchange Commission case against Ripple, draws the line when Buterin chooses the attack XRP holders.

Deaton called the Ethereum co-founder’s character into question, highlighting that just over a month ago, Buterin had said disgraced FTX founder Sam Bankman-Fried deserved love yet felt ok with attacking an entire community of people, some of whom hold no grudges against him.

“Sam the human being deserves love, and I hope he has friends and family that can give it to him,” Buterin tweeted in November.

It bears mentioning that Buterin’s latest attack on XRP also attracted flak from Ripple’s chief technology officer David Schwartz as reported by The Crypto Basic yesterday. Schwartz slammed the Ethereum co-founder for not knowing the difference between XRP and Ripple.

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