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XRP Social Activity Soars to Three Month High


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XRP has hit a 3-month peak in social activity.

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A popular tracking service for crypto social engagements, LunarCrush reported a meteoric rise in XRP mentions across various social media platforms, including Twitter. In a recent tweet, LunarCrush noted that XRP social mentions measured daily spiked to 57,460 yesterday.

The tweet explains that the figure represents the crypto asset’s highest peak in social mentions over three months.

“We are noticing soaring XRP social activity today. XRP social mentions measured daily hit 57.46K, the highest point in the last 90 days,” LunarCrush noted.

Furthermore, LunarCrush noted that XRP’s total social mention over the last three months was around 1.24 million. The development suggests a spike in XRP interest among cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Recent Developments in Ripple vs. SEC Lawsuit

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It is unsurprising to see XRP’s social mentions spike to a three-month high this week. The ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) recorded new developments this week, contributing to XRP’s growth.

As reported by TheCryptoBasic, Judge Analisa Torres issued an order to the parties’ motion to seal certain documents in connection with the Daubert motions. Interestingly, Judge Torres granted Ripple’s requests to seal certain documents submitted in the Daubert motion to protect the company’s confidential business information and third parties.

However, Judge Torres did not entirely grant the SEC’s sealing request, as the agency’s motion was denied and granted in part.

In addition, the parties filed their respective omnibus motions to seal certain documents in connection with the summary judgment motion. Notably, Judge Torres’ ruling and the recently-filed omnibus motion by the parties played a significant role in boosting XRP’s social mentions on social media platforms.

Crypto Whales’ Growing Interest in XRP

Meanwhile, cryptocurrency whales have shown a massive interest in XRP recently. These deep-pocketed investors have been shuffling hefty XRP tokens to and from leading cryptocurrency exchanges, including Binance.

Two days ago, an anonymous cryptocurrency whale withdrew 150M XRP tokens from Binance, the world’s largest exchange.

Despite XRP’s soaring social activity, the crypto asset has not recorded any significant rally in its price. According to Coingecko data, XRP is changing hands at $0.3525, up 1% in the past 24 hours.

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