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You Can Now Buy SHIB with Google Pay and Apple Pay on Binance


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The latest feature is a step towards providing more payment options for SHIB and crypto purchases on Binance.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) investors and other crypto enthusiasts can now seamlessly purchase crypto assets using their Google Pay and Apple Pay wallets on Binance. The latest addition to Binance’s payment options is crucial to ensuring payment flexibility for customers.

Binance announced the development through a recent Binance Build update on Twitter.

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With this integration, the largest cryptocurrency exchange by 24-hour trade volume collaborates with these mobile payment systems to expedite SHIB and crypto adoption. The usage of mobile payment services has skyrocketed of late as the world leans more toward digital services. Data suggests Apple Pay now has over 500M users globally, with Google Pay’s global user base recently surging to 400M+.

The payment option is only available in countries that support Google Pay and Apple Pay, Binance reveals. So far, some users have complained of not being able to access the feature, while others have reportedly leveraged it already.

Growing Payment Flexibility for SHIB Investors

While the broader crypto community has expectedly received the recent announcement well, SHIB proponents have so far been the most cheerful of the bunch, as this is the latest in a long line of new payment options for SHIB purchases on numerous platforms. A community-driven SHIB-dedicated Twitter account echoed this excitement shortly after the Binance announcement.

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As mass adoption skyrockets, Shiba Inu has been growing globally partly due to the flexible payment options available for users who wish to purchase the asset on several platforms. SHIB payments on numerous retail points have also significantly increased.

In October, U.S.-based crypto payments service provider BitPay unveiled an option to buy SHIB and other crypto assets using a prepaid debit card. Last week, Hero Wallet announced a feature allowing users to buy and sell SHIB with their bank cards.

On Tuesday, a non-custodial crypto payment gateway revealed that subscription services such as Netflix and Spotify can now integrate SHIB payment options, allowing customers to pay for their subscriptions using SHIB. 

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