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Still No Date For DOGE-1 Mission Launch, But We Know When It Won’t


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The timeline for the DOGE-1 mission remains unclear.

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DogeDesigner (@cb_doge), in a tweet today, has confirmed that the DOGE-1 mission to the moon will not launch before March 1, 2023, citing persons familiar with the project.


While it still leaves no clue about the date of the space mission, it puts to bed potential speculation that DOGE-1 will be among the 114 satellite payloads on the first Falcon 9 mission in 2023, announced by SpaceX yesterday. Notably, the first SpaceX launch for 2023 is scheduled for Tuesday next week.

The Crypto Basic saw the first Twitter mention of the March 2023 timeline from Geometric Energy Corporation CEO Samuel Reid on November 28. Reid also reiterated it on December 12. This gives credence to the information shared by the Dogecoin Foundation graphics designer today, as Geometric Energy will lead the mission.

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DOGE-1 is a cubic satellite that promises to obtain information about the moon using sensors and cameras. It represents the first commercial payload fully funded by cryptocurrency. With the mission, Elon Musk’s SpaceX hopes to demonstrate the utility of crypto in space. 

Musk announced the mission in May last year, feeding into the bullish DOGE to the moon narrative. While the mission was supposed to launch this year, persons close to the matter have asserted that the delay is due to the lack of readiness of the Intuitive Machines satellite, which is the primary payload.

According to Reid, in April, DOGE-1 will get to the moon when IM-1 does.

Notably, DOGE-1, which could have a potential bullish impact on the Dogecoin price, was one of the motivations for popular DOGE influencer Matt Wallace to bet his YouTube channel on DOGE, clinching the $1 price point in 2022.

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