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PEGA Pool’s Launch Is Almost Here And The Earth Couldn’t Be Happier


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For more than a decade, the Earth has silently watched as the crypto industry has damaged it nearly beyond repair. And the sector is well aware of what they’re doing – they simply didn’t know that there was an alternative way of doing things so as not to obliterate the atmosphere.

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PEGA Pool’s long-awaited launch will finally be coming to fruition in Q1 of 2023. The wait is almost over for the world’s first eco-friendly mining pool to finally open its digital doors, and the global Bitcoin mining community couldn’t be more excited.

Until now, Bitcoin miners have helplessly been spewing CO2 into the atmosphere and speeding up the terrible effects of climate change. But now, they can rest easy knowing that a portion of their fees can be used to plant trees.

By joining PEGA Pool, miners won’t only save on pool fees. They can also rest assured that they are doing their part in leaving the world in a better state than how we found it. The bigger the community gets, the more PEGA Pool can reduce the industry’s carbon footprint and make the crypto industry a more sustainable place for all.

The rewards that Bitcoin miners will qualify for all depends on their current green energy mining status. Miners who are already mining using renewable energy alternatives – and can prove it to PEGA Pool – will qualify for a 50% lifetime pool fee reduction. While PEGA Pool will take 2% in Bitcoin mining fees from clients who aren’t yet mining using green energy, all miners save when they join the PEGA Pool global community – making it a no-brainer for miners in the Bitcoin sector.

Even Tesla powerhouse Elon Musk condemned Bitcoin to the point where he stopped accepting the flagship cryptocurrency as payment. With an innovation like PEGA Pool in the works, Musk and thousands of investors worldwide will see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel – and Bitcoin will cease to be at the center of this ongoing controversy.

There are countless reasons why Bitcoin miners are flocking to PEGA Pool, and one of them is their airtight plan to handle equipment outages or failures should they occur. This is because PEGA Pool has a robust global pool infrastructure in place, with servers placed in strategic locations all around the world to mitigate any risk. This guarantees uptime for miners who can continue to earn a living. The architecture of the global pool infrastructure is incredibly durable.

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To learn more about the eco-friendly mining pool and how they’re blazing the path ahead for green energy mining, visit their website. You’ll also find several spots left on their rapidly filling up waiting list, so grab one now while you still can. PEGA Pool was named the 13th biggest mining pool on Earth by BTC.com, and they are proudly owned by a British team who operate exclusively off British soil for their clients’ peace of mind.

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