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Shiba Inu Team Confirms It’s About to Launch Shibarium Beta


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Shiba Inu releases an introductory article about Shibarium Beta as the project launch edges closer.

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The team behind Shiba Inu has taken to Twitter to announce that it is about to release the much anticipated Shibarium Beta, the cryptocurrency’s layer-2 network. In a tweet today, @Shibtoken, the official Shiba Inu Twitter handle, called on SHIB community members to rejoice because Shibarium Beta is about to go live.

“Rejoice ShibArmy! Shibarium Beta is about to be launched,” @Shibtoken said. 

The announcement comes weeks after Shiba Inu lead developer Shytoshi Kusama announced that the development teams are finalizing the Shibarium launch.

Shiba Inu Releases Shibarium Introductory Article

With the launch of Shibarium Beta around the corner, Shiba Inu published an article dubbed “Introduction to Shibarium: Shiba Inu’s Layer-2 (L2) Network” to introduce some basic concepts about the project for clarification purposes.

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The article explains that Shibarium is an L2 blockchain built on the Ethereum blockchain. Since Shibarium is a layer-2 network on Ethereum, it will allow faster, private, and cheaper transactions to be processed off-chain while leveraging the security of the underlying blockchain.

Shibarium will also provide the benefits of scalability and an expanded development framework. Furthermore, Shibarium aims to revolutionize the SHIB ecosystem and the entire crypto space by reducing the cost of gas for adopting Ethereum-based and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

It is worth noting that Shibarium-based transactions will run off-chain outside of Ethereum. However, transactions on Shibarium will be communicated back to the Ethereum network. Shibarium will conduct most of the processing work, thus lowering cost and processing times for end users.

Shiba Inu to Open BONE Faucet

The Shiba Inu development team reiterated that BONE would be used to pay for gas transactions and to reward delegators and validators within Shibarium. 

Notably, Shiba Inu is planning to open its private test network portal, where users can get BONE test tokens required to interact with Shibarium Beta. The BONE test tokens will also allow developers to test their applications without using real cryptocurrencies.

Shibarium Beta Launch Edges Closer

The article further urged SHIB community members to stop asking for a specific launch date for Shibarium Beta. Shiba Inu’s development team noted that its primary focus is to develop Shibarium Beta correctly, adding that the phased release is not a matter of when. 

“Avoid asking ‘wen’ because the answer will always be soon,” it added. 

While it did not specify a date for the Shibarium Beta launch, the team confirmed that it is close to applying the finishing touches to the project in preparation for its imminent launch.

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