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You Can Now Donate Shiba Inu to These Nonprofit Organizations 


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Here is a list of nonprofit organizations that accept donations in Shiba Inu.

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Leading cryptocurrency payment provider BitPay has continued to increase Shiba Inu’s utility. BitPay noted in a recent blog post that people can now make donations in Shiba Inu using its payment solution.

The popular cryptocurrency payment provider said donating Shiba Inu tokens to a charitable organization has numerous benefits compared to traditional payment methods. Some of the perks associated with making donations in Shiba Inu include keeping your donations private, giving directly to the cause, etc.

While some nonprofit organizations have direct wallets that accept SHIB donations, others rely on crypto payment providers like BitPay to accept donations in the canine-themed cryptocurrency.

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Nonprofit Organizations That Accept Shiba Inu

Here is a list of nonprofit organizations that accept Shiba Inu donations.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Albert Einstein College of Medicine is a nonprofit research-intensive medical school that accepts fiat and Shiba Inu donations. The organization aims to conduct scientific research through these donations to enhance human life.

Amazon Watch

Launched in 1996, Amazon Watch is a nonprofit organization working to protect the Amazon rainforest and advance the rights of Indigenous People in the Amazon Basin. Thanks to BitPay, Amazon Watch accepts donations in Shiba Inu.

American Cancer Society

The American Cancer Society is another nonprofit organization that accepts Shiba Inu donations. Established in 1913, the American Cancer Society is a voluntary health organization focused on eliminating cancer through research, early detection, and treatment. 

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American National Red Cross

The American National Red Cross is a nonprofit humanitarian organization focused on providing emergency assistance, disaster relief, and disaster preparedness education in the United States. The organization claims it responds to emergencies every 8 minutes while calling on the public to make donations to support its mission. Notably, the American Red Cross accepts Shiba Inu donations. 

American Lung Association

Founded in 1904, the American Lung Association is a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives by improving lung health and preventing lung disease through education, advocacy, and research. It also accepts Shiba Inu donations through BitPay. 

Aside from the organizations mentioned above, other charitable associations have partnered with BitPay to receive Shiba Inu donations. They include Carnegie Mellon University, Cate School, Code.org, Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation, Electronic Frontier Organization, etc.  

Meanwhile, TheCryptoBasic has covered a series of reports about Shiba Inu-related donations. Last year, the first Miami Presbyterian Church announced that it accepts donations in Shiba Inu tokens. 

Shiba Inu made the news in May 2021 after Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin donated over $1 billion worth of SHIB tokens to the India COVID-19 relief fund. 

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