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Developers Introduce URIToken, a Simpler NFT Standard for XRPL


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The developers have launched proposal XLS-35d, looking to integrate the new URIToken NFT standard for the XRP Ledger.

XRP Ledger (XRPL) developers have introduced a lightweight NFT standard for the XRP blockchain dubbed URIToken. These developers propose that the network adopt the URIToken standard due to difficulties observed with the current XLS-20 standard.

XRPL Labs, a Netherlands-based startup focused on building on the XRP Ledger, shared the GitHub release in a tweet today. According to the tweet, XRPL Labs claimed that the URIToken amendment is a standard for “lightweight first-class NFTs for XRPL Protocol chains.” They noted that the newly-introduced URIToken protocol is not seeking to override the current XLS-20 standard but will provide a simpler alternative. 

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The proposal, dubbed “XLS-35d: URIToken Amendment,” was authored by Richard Holland and Wietse Wind, senior developers at XRPL Labs. Per the proposal, several developers had expressed misgivings over XLS-20’s complexity and lack of first-class object NFTs.

Wind also highlighted the development through his Twitter handle, summarizing the expected benefits of the URIToken standard for developers in four points, including:

  • Native per token ledger object.
  • Easy to use for developers.
  • Built-in organizational structure (schema) to keep track of the token data.
  • Additional organizational structure for different uses of the token.
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After XLS-20 went live last October, bringing native NFT functionality to XRPL, several amendments have been proposed in a collective effort to improve the NFT experience on the XRP blockchain for developers and users alike. 

These amendments have also become necessary due to the massive adoption rate of XRPL NFTs. Last week, the XRPL Foundation introduced proposal XLS-34d, which aimed to grant issued tokens access to negotiable payments and escrows. 


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