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Investing In Crypto? Metacade Has An Optimistic Outlook For 2023


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If you’re thinking of investing in crypto, making sure you do your homework on cryptocurrencies during the current bear market conditions is essential. Investing in cryptocurrencies trading at low levels can be tempting because gains will automatically flow once the market outlook improves. However, investing in crypto during a bear market is difficult, and identifying which coins will rebound and which no longer have a use case can be challenging as well.

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One strategy to ensure returns on investment during challenging market conditions is to look for value in new projects. Metacade is one such project making waves in cryptocurrency circles and has a highly positive outlook for 2023.

What is Metacade?

Metacade is a brand-new GameFi platform that uses blockchain technology and Web3 development techniques to host the metaverse’s most comprehensive range of play-to-earn (P2E) games. Their rich and diverse project roadmap aims to bring together gaming enthusiasts in one place, building a community of like-minded individuals who want to take control of the online gaming experience.

Alongside the primary P2E element of the platform, Metacade offers its members a range of additional potential earning streams. Each stream incentivizes member engagement with the broader hub by contributing social content through their Create2Earn scheme or financially supporting Metacade’s future development through staking the native MCADE token in return for entry into online tournaments and regular prize draws as part of the Compete2Earn initiative.

How does Metacade work?

Metacade is driven by the needs and desires of gamers, who benefit from the wide-ranging rewards system funded by the self-sufficient flow of MCADE tokens generated from several internal and external sources.

Token staking forms part of internal revenue generation, while gamers also contribute by playing more traditional pay-to-play arcade titles with MCADE coins. Alongside this, Metacade receives outside investment from other companies through advertising space, releasing games from other studios via their launchpad program, and from Q1 2024 by selling space to host Web3 vacancies from external companies on the hub’s job board as part of their innovative Work2Earn scheme.

These funds ensure the fuel for Metacade’s ecosystem to stoke its continuing development and evolution towards becoming the one-stop shop of choice for GameFi fans across metaverse gaming.

What makes Metacade different?

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Several strands to Metacade’s plans are attractive to anyone investing in crypto. The most compelling is the breadth of their offering. Most GameFi platforms rely on one or a small selection of gaming experiences with which to attract and maintain their user base. While this model has proven successful, regular releases of new features and characters are required to preserve gamers’ interest.

Metacade’s enormous range of titles ensures something for everyone in their library. From classic arcade titles to the best in cutting-edge new GameFi titles, casual gamers and the serious online tournament player will be well-catered for. The continual flow of new games onto the platform will ensure players stick around, ensuring Metacade’s long-term future.

Not always apparent in many GameFi titles, this longevity plays a massive part in Metacade’s attraction to potential investors.

In addition, Metacade isn’t prepared to rest on its laurels to maintain its position as one of blockchain gaming’s biggest names. Plans are in place for it to become a market leader, driving the entire GameFi industry forward by supporting and developing the best new talent in the Web3 sector.

Metacade: Driving innovation in metaverse gaming

Q3 2023 sees the launch of Metacade’s ground-breaking Metagrants scheme, an initiative aimed at providing game developers with funding to support the creation of new exclusive P2E titles. Developers submit their ideas for new games into a pool, which the MCADE community then votes on. Those with the most votes go into production with the benefit of the crypto grants and the first titles launching in Q1 2024.

Metagrants provides a key pillar of Metacade’s desire to continue to evolve its platform while encouraging and enabling ongoing progress in the wide Web3 sphere. Developers who gain funding can gain essential experience in taking their careers forward. At the same time, Web3 and GameFi companies that post on Metacade’s industry job board benefit from being able to onboard the brightest and most innovative new talent.

Metacade’s commitment to driving creativity and advances in metaverse gaming is another crucial facet of their attraction as a worthwhile investment option.

MCADE: An excellent presale choice for anyone investing in crypto

The MCADE presale event recently opened to great acclaim and has generated intense interest in the weeks since it began. The initial presale stages sold out within a matter of weeks and momentum shows no signs of slowing in subsequent steps, with $5.1m of funding now raised.

Anyone investing in crypto would be well advised to purchase MCADE at its current presale price of $0.013, as it is set to rise with each presale phase to an eventual value of $0.02 ahead of it hitting the exchanges and available for public consumption.

With Metacade’s wide-ranging plans gaining enormous traction during the presale event, expectations are that demand for MCADE tokens could surge. With a limited fixed supply of tokens, price predictions for MCADE show an extremely positive outlook for 2023, with $1 looking achievable. MCADE could end up being one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in this year.

You can participate in the Metacade presale here.

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