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NowPayments Highlights Why NFT Marketplaces Should Accept Shiba Inu


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One of the main benefits is a potential increase in customer base and revenue for NFT marketplaces.

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NowPayments, a leading non-custodial cryptocurrency payment gateway for businesses, has emphasized the multiple advantages of accepting payments in Shiba Inu (SHIB), encouraging NFT marketplaces to consider adopting the token as a payment method, especially given the impending launch of Shibarium.

The payment service provider highlighted these benefits in a recent blog post. According to the article, Shiba Inu has become a crucial component of the overall cryptocurrency ecosystem. It isn’t easy to imagine the current state of the crypto market without SHIB’s influence. NowPayments spotlighted the significant attention that Shiba Inu is currently receiving, primarily due to the upcoming launch of Shibarium. This level of attention is comparable to the surge witnessed two years ago, which made millionaires out of investors.

Additionally, the article highlighted the critical role of the Shiba Inu community, which has maintained its position as one of the most dynamic communities in the larger cryptocurrency landscape, offering unwavering support to the project.

Because of these appealing characteristics, NowPayments observed that accepting Shiba Inu payments could offer businesses, including NFT marketplaces, an opportunity to leverage the support of the extensive community behind the project. This should significantly boost their user base.

Another advantage that SHIB offers to businesses is its rapid and economic transaction processing. By integrating SHIB payments, enterprises seeking to expand globally can leverage this feature without being burdened by the obstacles that often accompany cross-border settlements.

Businesses that have noticed these benefits have already begun accepting the token as payment. These include Taylor Travel Management, Gucci, and Newegg, among numerous orders. SHIB has become a payment method at over 40,000 merchant stores through the Flexa agreement.

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To enable SHIB payments, NowPayments has developed its Custodial Recurring Payments tool for NFT marketplaces to accept SHIB payments.

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